Hi! Remember me? We finally moved after weeks of living among the boxes. Well, we are still living among the boxes, but at least we are breaking them down and not building them. We are still a bit in moving limbo with address changes and all the hoopla that comes from crossing state lines (even if the states are touching).

If I had one piece of advice to any parent moving with a toddler is to stop trying to be a perfect parent. Everything I read kept saying to ease the transition keep things as much the same as possible. Folks? That’s exhausting.

Mike has watched pretty much the whole season of Chuggington. Twice. He’s eaten french fries or pizza at almost every meal. And yes. That includes breakfast. His Wubba is permanently stuck in his mouth. The night before the move he ended up sleeping in our bed. He’s even – gasp – been rocked back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night.

And that is ok ay. We are in survival mode for the next few weeks while we unearth our pots and pans and figure out our groove. Here’s some pictures from our move.

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