I have struggled with how to express the thankfulness in my heart for the outpouring of support for the 12 4 1 Diaper Drive. Each time I showed anxiety about ‘making it all work’, someone would come through in an amazing way.



Thanks to your help, we donated 18,186 diapers to St. Martin’s Barn. While so many people donated with money, diapers, wipes, rash cream and support – a few people deserve a specific shout out:

{Sam} I married him for a reason – he blindly follows me with my big ideas and never asks questions. In fact, he always encourages me to take things one step further! I knew he had my back because he believed in the cause and in my vision (though hazy at times).

{Sandi} My proofreader, graphic designer and brainstorming. Also, conveniently, my momma!

{Mike} My lucky charm father! Not only did he win the company 50/50 raffle, he donated his half to the cause. Plus he manned the loading and unloading of diapers. Logistics are kind of his thine.

{Choptank Transport Community Involvement Team} It was my first year with a corporate supporter, and Choptank blew it out of the water! I couldn’t have managed all these diapers without their space as well. Special thanks to Harriet, Roxanne, Verna, Hailee, Lauren, Nicole, Dana and Lauren.


{Tri Gas & Oil} Another great company who jumped in to help collect diapers.

{Preston Ford} Not only did Preston Ford gracious donate a check, they also supplied a van to help transport diapers to St. Martin’s Barn. Mr. Ayers wasn’t just a driver, he was a loader and unloader as well.


{Andy Pandy and Cutie} Ask and you shall receive. These diaper companies sent me large quantities of diapers because they believe that babies should have dry tushies.

And you! Everyone who supported me and the 12 4 1 Diaper Drive. My heart is full and tushies are dry.

Same time next year? See you then!