We survived our first week at daycare! Well, it was only 2 days, but regardless, we survived, and dare I say – thrive?

I was spending all day Tuesday obsessing over leaving him the next day with G. Would he wonder where I went? Will he feel abandoned? What if he cries the whole time? I secretly wanted to just coast by and toss him out of the car to avoid dealing with it, but alas – that is frowned upon.

So I took him, showed G. all his stuff, kissed him 3 times and walked out the door tear free. I got in the car and had this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I just left my child with someone who I would consider a stranger who the state says doesn’t keep sharp objects out, knows CPR and doesn’t have any complaints from parents.  I knew after that day it would get easier … I just had to get through the day.

It was a beautiful day, with terrible traffic. I rolled down my window and turned the radio up a bit. Then a bit more. Then even more. No baby, I can blare the radio like the old days! I pulled into the Walgreen’s parking lot and realized I didn’t have to schlep a 17lb baby in with me for a Diet Coke.

I got to the office and spent the majority of the day focused on work and meetings. Yes, I felt like I was missing a body part, and yes, I wondered what he was doing at that moment, but I resisted the urge to call. I didn’t want to interrupt his day, or G.’s day. I trust her, I really do.

I busted out of the office at 3PM like my ass was on fire. I missed my baby and wanted some snuggles. I may have ran a few red lights and hit a squirrel. I got to G’s house and he was having a fine time fiddling with G’s assistant’s hajab. I got a few smiles and learned he had a fabulous day watching the kids interacting and eating. He got what he needed and I got what I needed. I happily (okay, KIND of happily) dropped him off on Friday and so far, so good.

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