Baby had a great doctor’s appointment last night, he is super active (S. felt him kick the other night!) and his heartbeat is steady. I, however, am still a little miffed this morning about somethings the midwife said. Mainly that my anxiety is a little high. Um, yes. I’m pregnant. Aren’t all pregnant women anxious?

And what was this based on? A few things:

1. I asked when I can color my hair. I’ve heard a dozen different things, and I wanted to be sure.

2. I mentioned my lack of sleep. I fall asleep okay, and sleep deep until like … 1PM and then it’s party time. I can watch a whole movie or read ALL my blogs. I was just saying how frustrating it is, and how tired I am during the day. Her response? Our bodies adjust and make the most of the time I am awake. Okay then.

3. I mentioned my crazy dreams about our ‘baby’ falling in the bathtub, and not knowing the baby’s father (trust me, we do know).

So midwife mentioned watching out for post-partum depression (She mentioned this to my adoring husband, NOT me). I am just a little irritated about all this. I had a bad day, crap is going on at work. I’m tired. I’m pregnant. I have off days. I just hope my midwife was having an off day since she is usually so fabulous.

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