I used to work for a lingerie chain that is found in almost every mall across the country. I was in college and it was very short lived. Apparently my future didn’t lie in hanging itty bitty teeny tiny thongs. When I wasn’t counting boy shorts, I was measuring for bra sizes. I want to publicly apologize to all women who came to me for a bra fitting. I had no idea what I was doing. I had one lesson, was handed a pink tape measure and was sent on my merry way. Because of this experience, I didn’t put a lot of stock in getting measured.

Flash forward 10 years. Weight changes, a baby, a short stint breastfeeding and your guess is as good as mine what size I am. When my Momma friend Jen mentioned on our Facebook group she was ready to get a bra fitting, I knew just the place – Bloomers in Old Town Alexandria.

I think of Bloomers as a practical underwear store. It’s small, independently owned and just pretty. Beautiful displays, neat racks with soft fabrics and ideal lighting. While there is a handful of sexy lingerie, what you will mostly find is nude and black bras, seamless panties and products to help the *ahem* girls. Think nipple tape, inserts and the like.

Jen, and her little Pheebe met up during lunch and were greeted by a happy, knowledgeable Bloomer’s employee. She led us to the back and explained the process. Measurements are ‘vague’ for a reason – the cut, style and brand make a difference. It was comfortable, not intimating and she had actually been TRAINED in bra fitting. I was also impressed she put Jen in a changing room to do the measurement, despite not being naked. I like that kind of attention to people’s potential privacy concerns. Who wants a stranger touching their boobs in the middle of a store?


Guess what? I am wearing the wrong size, and so was Jen. Jen took the opportunity to try on bras and …. checked in with her regularly, looked at the fit and made suggestions. It seemed that their employees are trained in top notch customer service and have a handle on the level of attention a customer would like.

My only complaint, and I can’t even say it’s a complaint because I understand the reason, is their size selection. HOWEVER, I got measured and had a good sense of my size, then ordered from a large company that carried my size. If you are looking for amazingly comfy jammies or trendy undies (panties is one of the worst words in the world), call and make sure they carry your size.


While Jen tried on bras, Miss Pheebe played with the bucket of toys. You heard me. BUCKET OF TOYS. Specifically for kids to play with while Mom shops. This is reason enough to go in and get a bra fitting.

If you can’t make it to Old Town Alexandria or Shirlington, check out their bra fitting guide online and head to your favorite lingerie store. Every Momma needs a fitting and deserves to toss out the maternity underwear.

Once you have that perfectly fitting bra, how do you wash it? How about in a Bra Maid? Protect your investment! Thanks to Bloomers, I am giving away one pink Bra Maid. Leave a comment below letting me know the last time you had a bra fitting and you might be randomly selected to ‘protect your assets’.

This giveaway is closed. Congrats to Jen N who won the BraMaid! 

Yep, you guessed it. This post is sponsored. They might have offered the product, but I offered my honest opinion. This post also might have affiliate links. I might get a small kick back, nothing that will let me quit my day job and nothing that will raise the price for you. You’ve been warned.

11 comments on “Bloomers Bra Fitting & a Giveaway!”

  1. I had a bra fitting at a similarly personal shop. It was fabulous. The bras were a substantial investment but three years later they are still like new and totally worth the money.

  2. I had a fitting right after I had Mollie and I am glad I did because I had changed sizes slightly. A well fitting bra makes alllll the difference. I wear mine until I notice they aren’t doing there job any longer but find it hard to wash them safely. I need to check out this bra maid.

  3. I had a bra fitting about a year ago and should probably (definitely) get another soon. I worked at an “intimate apparel” store and we had more training than that and I can still do fittings because of it. At that store most of the younger clients had been to a chain store and were measured far off what they should have been wearing. Even now I recommend the store I worked for to get a measurement done at least once a year if nothing changes on your body. Fitting aren’t extremely hard to do but to get an accurate idea you need them done by someone else. I believe there was a statistic at one point of like 80% of women are wearing the wrong size.
    This is an awesome post and subject! =)

  4. My last bra fitting was 2 years, 1 baby, and a bunch of breastfeeding ago. It’s not easy being a girl with large “assets.”

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