No one likes the idea of being in an emergency situation with a kid, especially a nonverbal kid, in the car. It might be my worst nightmare. That, and horses chasing me. But that’s for another time (or therapy session).

I stumbled on a fabulous idea for a car seat emergency sticker. It included all the important information – child’s name, parent’s contact information, allergies, and so on. This way if something happens while the child is the car seat, emergency responders have  all the necessary information.

I googled around and found a few printables, but they tended to have cute clip art or tiny print. Nope, nope, nope. I wanted something big, bright and totally noticeable, so I made my own.

I’m here to share the love! Simply download the PDF and print it on sticker paper, fill in the information with a permanent marker and adhere one to BOTH sides of your car seat.


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