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Hello, It’s Me

Hello, it’s me.

If I am being honest I think about blogging and Muddling Momma every day. Mostly on my way to work, or on the way home from work and in the shower. But I haven’t posted in ages. I think the main reason is I am not sure what I want this blog to be. I originally started here as a way to share my infertility journey. That morphed (thankfully) into life as a pregnant person. Then into life of a new mom. And most recently, life as a mom in general. I am obviously still a mom, but I am not sure I want to share every detail of my son’s life. I carefully curated a lot of stuff on this blog with him in mind. Who knows what kids will be doing in 10 years when he is 14, perhaps blogging will be a thing of a past, but I don’t want his high school baseball/math club/DnD club/band members stumbling on this and finding out he pooped in the bathtub (he didn’t, FYI). I share enough of the funny stuff on Facebook.

But I am not ready to give up the idea of blogging. I am hoping to have another baby soon. I started working again full time in an executive level position, I am preparing to travel for the first time since Mike was born. I am stumbling on cool products for him, me, and families in general. We are exploring Maryland and I want to share that.

But let’s face it. I’m tired. Parents get that. So I might not post daily, weekly – hopefully monthly. But I am excited to produce new content that is useful. Stay tuned, and thanks for hanging in with me through this season of life.

Happy Holidays!

It’s been an amazing year for this Muddling Momma! I am going to take the next couple of weeks off to spend time with the family, pack for our upcoming move, and focus on my next year blogging.  I hope you have the opportunity to relax, reflect and enjoy!  See you in 2015.

happy holidays2

TDCLBlogtober14 – Organizing Blog Tip

Happy Monday! I would be more excited about autumn, but apparently the DC Metro area will be reaching 80 degrees tomorrow. No wonder everyone in my house is sniffling, sneezing and coughing.

So the DC Ladies wanna know … what’s my best tip to help me with organizing my blog. This one is pretty easy because I LOVE anything to do with organizing and productivity. I am sure some of the bigger blogs have editorial calendars and such, but not this gal. I try to keep up with once a week and when the mood strikes. So my favorite way to organize things is with Gmail.

I always have some type of technology within reach so I jot my blog ideas, sentence fragments and ‘things to remember’ in a draft email. So when I am feeling the urge to write, I just pull from my draft email folder and put my notes into prose.


TDCLBlogtober14 – Best Blogging Tools

I’ve been blogging for a couple years now, which might just be a record for me! I am sure my parent’s attic is filled with half full diaries because I would be gung-ho and lose interest. That’s exactly why I started with a free WordPress blog, then after proving I was going to keep up with it buying a domain and moving to self hosted.

As I’ve mentioned a billion times before, I write for me. This takes off so much pressure to be grammatically correct, guarded and, well, perfect. But I do try hard so I utilize a few tools to build my blog and have fun.

blog tools

{Wordpress} I started using WordPress because it was free and I knew a lot of people who could troubleshoot with me if I had questions. Luckily WP has a TON of resources from user forums, videos and guides for all levels of techies.

{Feedly} I get a lot of great ideas for blog topics from other bloggers. I organize them all in Feedly so I can flip through during lunch or before bed. It’s simple to organize and add or remove blogs.

{PicMonkey} This might be my ultimate favorite because I am such a visual person. I use the paid version of PicMonkey, but the free version has a TON of great tools for editing pictures, creating a collage or even designing just about anything! I used it for Mike’s first birthday invites and every collage for my blog.

{Networking} I live in the land of ‘who do you know’. Sometimes it’s helpful, but other times it’s exhausting, however it does pay off! My giveaways have been from successful networking and the outpouring for the diaper drive came from networking as well. Bloggers helping bloggers, companies trying to spread the word, friends who know someone who can troubleshoot. Don’t hide behind your screen bloggers!

#TDCLBlogtober14 – 5 Blogging Tips for a New Blogger

If you are just tuning in, I am taking part in the DC Ladies Blogtober so I can talk about some more creative things. What is it about fall that makes me creative, but lazy? Your guess is as good as mine. Moving on …


{WRITE FOR YOU} When I started Muddling Momma, I blogged just for me. It was cathartic and gave me an outlet as I started the process of getting pregnant. I didn’t write for anyone else, so there was no pressure to meet word counts, worry about the ‘right’ thing to say or censor my words. If other people read my blog, then that’s great, but I am not choosing topics based on what I think other people want to read all the time. I don’t think strangers care for a second about my monthly posts about Mike. Those are for me and my family – and that’s okay.

{GET HELP – FOR WHATEVER} I can write and I know just enough about technology to muddle through things, but when I was ready to take my blog to the next level with a dedicated domain, I reached out to my friend Ashley from Radiant IT Consulting. She handled a lot of the background stuff I didn’t have time for. Ya know, some things are worth paying for.

{KEEP EXPECTATIONS IN CHECK} I see article all the time about how to make money blogging. Sure, big time bloggers might be making cash, but figuring that out, finding sponsorship opportunities and navigating affiliate links take time and time is money. If you are starting a blog to make money, you will probably fail (how’s that for girl power). If readers see you are pimping all sorts of random sponsored posts, you will lose credibility. If your blog is based around cooking, there is no reason you should be reviewing tires.

{READ OTHER BLOGS} My Feedly is well stocked with all kinds of blogs because I love reading blogs and I get some awesome ideas. Like Blogtober! I read DC Ladies and saw this concept, so I jumped in. I also get ideas for topics to cover and opportunities.

{JUST WRITE} Even when nothing is going on just write. You are writing for yourself right? So why does it matter if you are just doing a weekend recap.

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The Blog That Almost Wasn’t

I feel like since I am unemployed (again) and not really doing much during the day but job hunting, I should be super blogger filling my blog with awesome content that’s been listed on my trusty dry erase board, but alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I never force my writing and lately I just have been feeling blah and like I don’t want to force something fun and exciting for blogging purposes. Plus everyone in my house, including visitors, have had that disgusting stomach bug that’s going around. Not only is it gross, but it put us in the hospital early last week since Mike wasn’t keeping anything in, but all sorts of stuff was coming out. He was his usual self, charming and smiley while we got him on an anti-nausea medicine.



I also would have SWORN I wrote Mike’s 10 month letter, but apparently I just thought about it. I’ll just say I was too busy loving on my baby to remember what his month was like.

Did you know it’s Infertility Awareness Week?

A Little Help From Our Friends

How are you liking my new WordPress site? Well, I am loving it and I have to give credit where credit is due. My friend and old coworker, Ashley, helped me find a solid solution to my frustration, migrated my content over AND did it with a smile.

She recently ventured out on her own and if you ever need any sort of WordPress assistance, I highly recommend he company  Radiant IT Consulting. Here’s what they do:

Website Design

  • Logos
  • Navigation/Look & Feel
  • WordPress themes design
  • Graphics  (buttons, images, slideshows)

Custom Website Development

  • WordPress Plugins & Themes Development
  • HTML & CSS coding
  • Technical Support & Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance Testing

Strategic Services

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media & Web Presence
  • Content Management & Development
  • Comparative and/or Competitive Analysis
  • Usability and 508 Compliance testing


  • “Train the Trainer” Training
  • Development of training materials
  • Software/Website/Application Administration Training
  • Business Development Training

Content Creation

  • Blog/Article Writing
  • Government Proposal Writing/Editing/Organizing
  • Content Editing/Proofreading

Tell her Jackie sent you!


Hi Friends!

Are you looking for Impatiently Waiting? You’ve found me! Welcome to my new blog, with all the old posts.  Stay tuned for changes while I get acclimated with WordPress.

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Where Did You Come From?

I am taking a page out of my friend Kelly’s blog (make sure you check out Miss. MP) and do a little digging about how people actually FIND my blog using search terms. I have to admit, it is pretty funny. Here are my top 5 favorite search terms that led people, maybe you, to my blog. Sadly, none of those terms include the words ‘awesome’, ‘coolest person in the world’ or ‘who should I give $1M to’.

1. Letter to my Niece – Yep! I wrote a letter to my (then future) niece, Mollie. I made promises to her like telling stories about her parents and trips to the American Girl Store.

2. how to make sure u get pregnant with voodoo – This is my FAVORITE search term someone used. Did I get pregnant with voo-doo? Maybe!  I would like to think all the stuff I did contributed to the bun in the oven.

3. cheng zi yeng wan reviews – I want to just say, please, please don’t use Chinese herbs you bought online to help you get pregnant.

4. my big pregnant butt – I have no idea why this led someone to my blog, but I hope it took them to my blog post about maternity underwear.

5. stupid face hugh jackman – well because why not? I wonder if it led the searcher to my blog because I mentioned Hugh Jackman in once when discussing infertility and celebs.  I did not mention his stupid face.

How did you find me? Perhaps Googling Stupid Face Hugh Jackman?