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Mike: October 2014

Well hello there 17 month old Mikester!

I say it almost every month, but good grief you are growing and changing so much! Daddy and I love to see your blossoming personality – you are becoming quite a ham. We get these odd, questioning side glances when you walk by, we laugh, and then you turn and do this huge, booming, forced laugh. I would swear you do it just to make us laugh.


{Halloween} Of course we have to start with Halloween! This year you were more sure about things than last year, but still hesitant. I made you a shark costume (which, to toot my own horn, turned out ah-mazing) and you dressed up for our community’s Halloween party, church’s Halloween service and then on the actually day. We only went to a few houses, but by the last one you were happily filling your bucket. At just about every house you really just wanted to walk inside and make yourself comfortable. Lollipops were the candy of choice.

{Pumpkin Patch} We had a great time running around Yankey Farm and picking out pumpkins. You rode the cow train and played in the corn box. It was just enough excitement for a fall morning.

{Words} We’ve had a lot of long and involved conversations lately, but you seem to be the only one who understands what we are talking about. So far you say:

  • Bubbles (bah-bulls): Bath time.
  • Is this? (Iz dis?): What is this, with a pointing finger.
  • Uh Oh (uhhhh-ohhhhh): Something happens. Anything really.
  • Shoes (chews): The things on your feet. Including socks.
  • Cheese (chhhhh-a-ez): Any time a camera comes out.

{Swimming 2.0} You’ve always been our water baby, but it’s been awhile since we’ve been in a pool. We decided to head over to Cub Run one afternoon and we weren’t sure how you were going to do now that you are a toddler and curious. We clearly had nothing to worry about. You’re laughs were the best EVER – pure excitement, from the belly and mouth wide open. You walked around the shallow end, kicked in the deep end and splashed everywhere in between. Dad and I kept looking at each other because we loved seeing you have so much fun.

{Clifton Days} We spent a couple hours at Clifton Days and you had a blast playing on the playground and dancing. We even watched the train go by!

{Eating} You are still a pretty good eater, there isn’t a hot dog you’ve met that you haven’t devoured. And as always, food is better when it comes from someone else’s plate. One new development though is the utensils. It seems you’ve connected that the food goes on a fork or spoon and in your mouth. You get VERY frustrated if we try to feed you! I would bet 85% of the time you manage to spear the food and get (most) of it in your mouth. Sometimes you ‘ask’ us to put the food on the fork, you eat it, hand back the fork, and begin again. It makes for a very long meal, but it’s worth it to see you figure out utensils.

Until next month sweet boy.

I’ll eat you up I love you so –

Momma xoxo

Mike: September 2014

My Crazy Mikester –

I can’t believe how fast the summer flew, and then September went in a blink of an eye! It was a busy month for you kiddo, but it was full of lots of fun. You are becoming more and more active and more and more opinionated every day. I LOVE seeing your personality shine, sometimes I think you are trying to make us laugh on purpose – like when we look up and when you catch our eye you give a huge, cheesy grin.

You are pretty much RUNNING everywhere and delivering things you find to us. This includes pens, electronics, bottles, remotes and yes, sharp objects we didn’t know were in reach. You are more giving with your hugs and kisses and point to what you want. Daddy and I are pretty sure you want to talk, and think that you are, but we just aren’t understanding.



{Birthday Season} September is birthday season for our family since Daddy and Grandma have the same birthday. This year you got Dad an iPad cover with pictures on it and a card you ‘signed’ yourself. We had cake and Bubbe came to visit. We also went out to dinner where you quickly charmed all the waitresses.

{Burkefest} We went to Burkefest this year and it was WAY more fun now that you are a toddler. We had lunch and then you played in the tot lot. It was really neat to see you run off and play independently and interact, in only the way a toddler can, with the other kids. We really love these family moments.

{Harvest Festival} For Grandma’s birthday we ended up going to Harvest Festival. Mommy used to go to this fundraiser when she was little and it was cool to see how it evolved and have you enjoy it as well. While you wanted nothing to do with the sweet treats (which made us question your genes), the highlight of the event was the awesome playground. You and Mollie ran around like crazy kids taking different paths, going down and up slides and exploring.

{Favorite ‘Game’} Your current favorite game gives everyone belly laughs. After bath time we sit on the bed and ever so gently tap you. Then you flop on the bed as if Floyd Mayweather hit you. Sometimes we just point our finger and you flop over laughing. We don’t know where this game started, but it’s hilarious and wears you out in no time.

{Food} You my son are a chow hound. You especially like what other people are eating. You really like hot dogs, peaches, yogurt, ice cream and anything pasta related. It surprises me how happy you are with veggies like broccoli and carrots since I am not a vegetable fan myself.

{Charlie} You and Charlie are becoming quite a pair. I describe it as you being a needy friend following Charlie around squeeking his toy crying ‘why don’t you love meeeeeeee’. But more often than not Charlie lays down in your room while you are falling asleep and gets very excited when you come home. You guys are going to be the best of friends soon – I know it!

Well my sweet boy, another month is here and I have a hunch it is going to be a fun one.

I’ll eat you up I love you,

Momma xoxo

A New World

Mike –

Since Dad and I started dreaming of you, long before you were born, we talked a lot about what you wouldn’t grow up knowing about. Silly things like telephones with cords or Blockbuster. Or hours spent at the library researching like we had to do before the internet. You also wouldn’t know life before 9/11.

Both Daddy and I were in college in 2001, I had only been there for a few weeks before someone on my floor told me a plane hit the towers. I was on my way to math class and I didn’t really give it too much thought until a few hours later I was leaving class and could see smoke from the Pentagon. The transition to college was already a little chaotic and this made it more overwhelming.  I tried to call Grandma and Grandpa, but the phones were down.  By the time I reached them, Marymount had been locked down and we were sitting around wondering and praying. In the end, 2,966 people died on 9/11/01 and many many more were hurt.

Sweetie, lots of bad things happen in the world. When you were rolling around in my belly, almost a month before you were born,  a school shooting was the lead news story and someone said they couldn’t imagine bring a child into a world like this. Through my tears the first thing I thought was, ‘why not, this baby might be the one to change things’.

Now Mike, do I expect you to change the world? No, it’s a lot to put on one person. What I do expect, and I bet Daddy will back me up, is that you are kind to everyone, you do what is right even when it’s hard, and you see the good around you.

Sometimes, like after 9/11, it’s really hard to do that. But I know you can.



I’ll eat you up I love you so –

Momma xoxo

Mike: August 2014

MA –
Summer is over, and it was a really mild season compared to the usual hazy, hot and humid DC summers. We had a lot of fun stuff to do to close out the summer.


{National Night Out} Our community hosted a National Night Out event with food, games and a visit from the Fairfax County Police. You had a lot of fun sitting in the cop cars (front seat only!), walking around with another little girl in the neighborhood and charming the police officers.

{Summerfest} A tradition for Mommy and then Daddy and now you! This year was much more fun because you and Mollie are older and really took in the event. You even rode a horse!! You had a blast eating everything in sight (think hot dogs, funnel cake, ice cream and french fries). You danced to the Mike Hines Band and played in Boxtown. I had a hard time convincing you to leave.

{Charlie} I’ve always known you and Charlie would get along, but until recently you have been simply coexisting. Now you give him pets – sometimes gentle, sometimes you need a reminder but you try your best. If you are hanging out and Charlie walks by you laugh so hard and point. You also give him kisses. I bet it won’t be much longer before you guys are best of friends.

{Belly Button} Did you know you have a belly button? Yep. You do. And it isn’t going anywhere. Promise. But you feel the need to check a few times a day to make sure it is still there. We ask you where your belly button is and you stop what you are doing, look down, pull up your shirt and then pull up your Buddha belly to poke it. You also like looking for Momma and Daddy’s belly buttons. Often in public places like Walmart. Maybe next we will work on the concept of privacy.

{Food, Glorious Food} Dude. You like to eat. Last month Daddy was worried you weren’t eating enough but now there is no question. You are very adventurous but really love pasta, strawberries, cauliflower, applesauce, yogurt, ice cream and hot dogs. The picture of health!   I’m pretty sure you will eat anything that isn’t nailed down.

It was a fun month Bug, watching you figure out new things is really the best part of my day. I know Daddy agrees too.

I’ll eat you up I love you so,


Mikey: July 2014

Mike –
For once kiddo, we had a pretty tame month. July was all about readjusting and settling into a new routine. Momma started a new job with predictable hours and no weekends and it is really working for our family.
{Schedule} In the mornings you wake up around 6:15 – it takes you a little while, but you sit up, look around, grab your WubbaNub and eventually stand up and walk the perimeter of your crib. If I go in and get you before you are ready, it is does not make for a pleasant morning, so I usually take my time. We walk back to Momma and Daddy’s bed and you snuggle with me while having a bottle and watching Disney Junior. We spend the next hour getting dressed, picking up, having our morning brushies and heading out the door.
In the evenings, Daddy gets to pick you up from Miss Gita’s house and play with you until I get home about an hour or so later. We have dinner, FaceTime with Bubbe, Grandma and Grandpa, have a bath and play. Our nighttime routine is my favorite. We go into your room around 7:15, you have some milk and snuggle while we read a book. Then each of us says what we are thankful for, who we want to pray for and what we hope for tomorrow. Then it’s night time brushies and bed time. You are usually asleep within 15 minutes.
{Eating} You are becoming quite an eater! You really like broccoli and ham and you never turn down yogurt. It seems though you are interested in whatever Momma and Daddy are eating and sometimes we share with you.
{Walking} You finally decided walking was going to be your main mode of transportation. It is so much fun watching you wobble around with, what seems like, so much purpose. You seem to know exactly where you are going and why. Aunt Rachel described it perfectly – you look like a baby giraffe who is taking his first steps. Very stiff legged.
{Wubba} The attachment to your WubbaNub is interesting. You used a Wubba when you first brought you home, but you weren’t that excited after about a month. Suddenly you found one in a basket and you have one near you at all times. I wouldn’t say you are addicted, we take it away and you are no worse for wear, but you certainly love carrying them around. Sometimes you have one in your mouth and one in each fist. You like to try to shove the extra Wubbas in your ears, eyes or even your mouth. You think it’s hilarious when we pop it out of your mouth and pop it in our mouth.
Bubbe came and visited and you enjoyed hosting her. Grandma stopped by too after her conference and you convinced her to join you in the pool. We also went to the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum again and you loved toddling around the airplanes. And let’s not forget Atlantis Waterpark!
Well love bug, it’s been a quiet month and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hopefully August will bring more opportunities to play in the pool!
I’ll eat you up I love you so,
Momma xoxo

Mike: June

Mikey –
I say this every month, but this month I mean it – you’ve grown up almost overnight! Someone asked me if it was harder now that you are more mobile or if it was more fun. I think it’s a little bit of both. It’s harder because you LOVE exploring and discovering new things, which means more opportunities to get into trouble. It’s fun for Daddy and me because we love when you discover new things. You look up at us with this stunned look on your face like, ‘did you know if you press this button down the toilet FLUSHES?!‘. It’s such a moment of pride when you try over and over to do something then finally get it, like getting in and out of your car that Pop-Pop got for you. Now you are a pro. Here’s your month:
{High Five, Waves and the Like} One reason I love you in daycare is you come home and randomly show us things you’ve learned. Daddy and I just look at each other to figure out who taught you what and we quickly realized your friends did! Recently you’ve been giving high fives and clapping your hands. You are starting to get really good at clapping at the right times – not like waving. We say bye bye and you wave about ten minutes later. We’ll work on that.
{Walking} OH BOY! You are now a walker! Over the course of the month you’ve become more steady on your feet. We started the month out with you taking a few cautious steps between stationary things, but the more you practiced, the more confident you have become. We giggle sometimes because you look like an extra on a zombie movie – stiff legs and wobbly hips. It’s funny how quickly walking is the norm for you.
{Food and Drink} You are totally off formula and have developed a love of milk like your Daddy! You are still using a bottle a few times a day, but you also like your sippy cups for water and juice. We aren’t in a hurry to get rid of those bottles, you will give it up in no time I am sure. You are also feeding yourself mostly and picking off Momma and Daddy’s plates trying new things. You still love avocados, but now add spiral pasta, peas, strawberries, blueberries and Goldfish. You also really like the pouches of applesauce.
{Birthday Celebrations} How can we forget your first birthday parties! There are so many people who love you we had to have THREE parties! One was at daycare, one was at Grandma and Grandpa’s and one was at our local playground. You were curious about the each one, but loved the attention. You were certainly a trooper around all those people.
Mikey's 1st Bday Party (104)
{Pool} Now that the weather is consistently warm, we’ve been hanging out at the pool a little more often. You have no problem getting right into your float and sloshing around the water – no matter how cold it is!
{Hand, Foot and Mouth} Oh goodness. The dreaded HF&M made its way around our house. You had a pretty mild case of it, but your Dad and me – we are still picking at scabs. I hope this is the one and only time you have to deal with that nonsense.
{Routines} Now that Momma is working again, you are adapting to a sort of new routine like a pro – not much has changed for you. Once you get up in the morning you get in bed with Momma to have a bottle, watch the news and snuggle. Then Daddy gets you from daycare, you guys hang out, have dinner and get a bath. When Momma gets home it is some more hanging out and our bedtime routine. If I said I didn’t come into your room and get you up to rock and snuggle some more, I would be lying.
I can’t wait to see what the next month brings for you my sweet boy. There is nothing I love more than seeing you discover new things.
I’ll eat you up I love you so,
Momma xoxo


Happy First Birthday Mike!

My Sweet One Year Old Boy –

Oh my gosh! It’s been a whole year since you arrived and made me a Momma – in fact as I am typing this I realize a year ago I was being prepped for my C-Section. They were worried that my blood pressure was so high and I was hoping they wouldn’t delay your arrival. I was leaving that hospital with a baby and thankfully it worked out to be my own. You!

I’ve spent some time reading old blog posts from the last year and it brought back so many memories. The one thing I hope you never, ever forget is how badly you were wanted and how incredibly loved you are by so many people.

The blog I wrote the day before you were born reflected how nervous I was. I was worried something would go wrong in surgery, something would be wrong with you or we would screw you up. A year later it’s obvious those worries, like many of life’s worries, didn’t happen.

Getting ready for you birth, we did a lot of things people joked we will never do again like go to brunch,see movies and make pottery. Which is funny now because guess what little guy? We’ve gone out to eat a lot since you arrived (and you are always the center of attention), we’ve watched movies (at home, on the couch after bedtime) and we even painted pottery for Daddy’s first Father’s Day! Some people say that life is over when you have kids, but life is SO much more fun with you!

newborn pics

It was really hard to picture what life would be like with you. We knew we wanted a baby, but I couldn’t picture YOU. Your eyes, hair or smile. Now I can’t picture life with you. I am sure Daddy agrees!

I remember telling someone from church that when I wake up in the morning, I remember you are there and it’s like Christmas morning. What new thing are you going to do? What are you going to discover? You truly are the best part of my day. Now that you are in a crib sleeping I like to watch you for a little bit on the monitor before getting you. You sing to yourself, walk around the perimeter and bounce. When I open the door I get the biggest grin. Like you are so thankful I am still there and you’ve been waiting all night to see me. If I live to be 1000 years old, that joyful, loved feeling will never leave me.

first birthday

I’m not sure I can put into words how much I love you. How much you amaze me and make me laugh. But my sweet one year old? I’ll eat you up I love you so.





Mike: 10 & 11 Months

Oh Mike –

I truly believe that when you were born, you took my brain with you. I would have sworn I wrote your 10 month letter, but alas, I must have been dreaming it or writing it in my head. Either way, you get a two for one this month. When you are a Daddy, you will understand.

I can’t believe we are planning your first birthday little guy! Daddy and I were watching videos of you the other night and I can’t even remember those long skinny legs and alien like noises you make. Now you have strong legs and a very VERY loud voice and many important things to say. We are convinced that when you are mumbling to yourself you are singing along with the ever present radio.  You could easily spend an hour turning a toy over and over, pushing it’s buttons, picking at it’s stickers and figuring out how it works. You’ve grown so much in so many ways over the past 2 months Bug.

{Haircut} We ushered in your 10 month birthday with your first haircut! I was a little sad, but when I found myself tucking your straight hair behind your ears, I had to agree with Dad – time for a haircut. You were amazing! We went to Cartoon Cuts and the minute the hairdresser handed you a toy it was obvious you could have sat there for an hour. Even when she hit you with the warm blow dryer ait. You were so good and everyone noticed!

first haircut

{Outside Fun} With the weather being so nice we’ve gone to the community playground quite often. You’ve had fun sitting in the swing and going down the slide with Dad. But your favorite part of the playground is climbing the steps and sneaking pieces of mulch to eat. You look SO grown up in your Washington Redskin’s ball cap. We also cleaned up the patio and you’ve been airing out with Charlie. You are very curious about the AstroTurf!



{Birthdays} Mollie turned 1 this month and you had such a fun time at her birthday party! It gave us a glimpse of what your first birthday will be like. Momma also had a birthday too! You got me my first Mom card and a picture frame with our favorite song ‘Three Little Birds’. Then Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Dave and Mollie came over and we went to the pool. It was exactly what I wanted.


{Bath time} Bath time is still one of your favorite times of the day. You are very interested in watching the water come out of the faucet and trying to bite the water stopper, which is conveniently attached to the tub, so you get a mouth of water every time – but that doesn’t stop you! Bath time isn’t over until we have to tell you at least once that ‘bath time is for bottoms’. It’s hard for you to sit still so it’s a lot of splashing.


{Easter} Your First Easter was so much fun! The Easter Bunny brought you refrigerator magnets, bath tub toys, a Llama Llama book and some snacks. You were very much spoiled by your Great Aunts and Grandparents. Maybe next year we will venture to visit the Easter Bunny.



{Sleeping} As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been doing sleep training with you and it truly is harder on us then it is on you. I know this because you are sleeping like a CHAMP! You average about 10-12 hours a night and you are much happier. This makes Momma and Dad happy too!


{First Trip to the ER} It isn’t a milestone I was looking forward to, but you got the nasty tummy bug that was going around and it started to make us really nervous, so we took you to the emergency room for some TLC. The nurses were so nice and you did really well considering you weren’t feeling well. They gave you some medicine and water and we headed home a few hours later.


Well sweet boy, I am planning your 1st birthday party – I can’t wait for a day when everyone celebrates you. This time last year I was SO tired of being pregnant and fat and swollen. Dad and I couldn’t wait to meet you. When people say you don’t remember life before a baby I used to roll my eyes. Now I know EXACTLY what they were talking about.

I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xo


Mike: 9 Months

Sweet Mike Mike –

I know, I am so very late with your letter – but things have been very crazy around our house lately. You won’t remember, and even if you did, you will only remember spending lots of time with Daddy and Miss Gita and getting lots of snuggles before bed from Momma.  I started my new job this month and you’ve been going to Miss Gita’s everyday and you are doing AMAZING! I’m not surprised, you are still so easy going. When I get the chance to pick you up you are always smiling and laughing with the other kids. I’m really proud of you but again, not at all surprised.  Also, do you realize at this point you’ve been out of my body as long as you’ve been in? I feel like I was pregnant forever and now time is flying.

mike daycare

{Standing} Kid, you don’t just pull yourself up, you pull yourself up and DANCE! You pull yourself up everything – the couch, your activity table, my shirt … and then you get that little bounce in your knees and wiggle in your tushie. Most the time there is no music, but like me, there is aways a song in your head. You’ve taken a few tumbles and every time you get back up. I hope that doesn’t change, but if you fall down when you are older, Dad and I will clap our hands and smile like we do now.

activity table

{Swimming} You successfully completed your first swim ‘class’! You really enjoyed the time in the pool with Dad. You even started putting your face in the water, even if it was to try to drink the water. We’ve gone to the pool a few times just the three of us and you’ve shown me first hand what you and Dad do every Sunday.  I think in a few years we will really need to keep an eye on you since you have no fear. I picture you jumping off the high dive long before I’m ready!


{Snow Baby} We had a few snow storms this month, but you didn’t seem to notice much except when we put you in your teddy bear snow suit and laughed at how damn adorable you were. Miss Gita’s and Daddy’s work were closed, so we spent the snow days hanging out, playing and taking long naps under warm blankets.

baby bear


{Food} You’ve certainly not been starving Mr. Mike and you’ve turned into quiet a beggar. When Daddy and I eat our dinner, you saddle right on up to the couch with an open mouth. You are pretty adventurous but prefer avocados and sometimes scrambled eggs. Honestly, you will try anything that comes off someone else’s plate on a big person’s utensil.  When stuck in your highchair, you munch on baby crackers, shredded cheese and fruit. We do try to convince you to eat some baby food and yogurt!

mike bean sprout


Well baby, there are things to do and you are sound asleep, so I need to take advantage of this time so when you are awake you get my full attention. Here’s to another amazing month of new adventures.

I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xxoo

Mike: 8 Months

Oh Mike Mike – What can I say? Your 7th month might have been the most challenging yet. But how does that saying go? The worst day fishing is better than a good day at work? Well, this challenging month beats any month before the thought of you existed. I was looking at pictures of you this morning and you are looking more and more like a boy and not a baby anymore. Your hair is thicker and darker, your face is opening up more and I catch glimpses of the boy, pre-teen, teen and man you are going to become. You are  bursting even more with personality and I have a million future careers for you based on your current interests – drummer, comedian, basketball player, drill Sargent … but the world is your’s Mike. You can become whatever you damn darn well please.

{Sleeping} We had a rough start to the month because you suddenly decided you didn’t like footie pjs. You would be fast asleep and quickly wake up hysterical. Then would only sleep for about an hour before another bout of hysteria. All of that changed one night when we put you in footless jammies – I was so glad we figured it out. We went from the doctor telling us it was night terrors to you just being uncomfortable. Now you go to bed around 8PM and are up once around 4AM, then up for good at 7:30AM. Napping is not as easy to predict, but it seems to be once a day, midday and for a few hours.

photo (3)

{Swimming} We signed you up for swimming lessons at the rec center and your first ‘lesson’ was on your 7 month birthday. You and Daddy have SUCH a good time floating around and going down the ‘slide’. You have taken to the water like, well, a fish to water. While the other kids are looking very uncertain, you are chewing on a toy taking it all in as if you’ve been doing it for months.


You’ve also gotten very adventurous in the bathtub! Now we just fill it up to your hips, toss some toys in and let you go. We often watch you roll over to your tummy to crawl to get a squirt toy. Or your favorite, drinking soapy water from a stacking cup.


{Playing} Watching you play is something I can do for hours. You are so intense and curious about everything. You can entertain yourself for a good half hour before remembering other people are around you. You take each toy out of your basket one by one, examine it closely, chew on it a bit, see if it makes  noise, put it down and move on to the next one. You really love anything that makes noise and you still like to jump in your bouncer.


{Crawling} You’ve done it! You started crawling and haven’t stopped yet – you can even go from crawling to laying to sitting to pulling up on your knees and back again. I love watching you do all these things and check out your surroundings in a new way. Of course Daddy has had to really do some childproofing around the house and yet, you still find fun stuff to get into. It is such an amazing joy when you see Daddy or me and you light up and start crawling over as quickly as possible to us.

Also, Mr. Determined, when you see something you want you crawl over super quick and pant the whole way as if it is the most exciting thing ever. This is how we know you are after something you might not need to be getting into. Poor Charlie’s life has changed since you’ve become mobile. We are teaching you ‘gentle’!

{Face} You are finding faces fascinating. If I’m not watching close enough I will get a tiny finger to eye or up the nose. At night when we are rocking to sleep you use this opportunity to procrastinate sleeping by giving kisses. You put both hands on the side of my face and shove my nose in your mouth or bang your face into my teeth. I can’t resist those kisses and know hat in a few weeks you will be giving kisses even more often. I love those quiet times together.

not sleeping

Well kiddo – it’s taken me a few days to write this note for you. Mainly because I am trying to soak up as much time together as possible before I start my new full time job and you start daycare. It will be a big change, but I know you will do just fine and are in good hands. It’s me that I’m worried about! As your favorite song says, ‘every little thing is gunna be alright’.

I’ll eat you up I love you so,