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You Will Never Sleep Again

Well hello friends! Yes, it’s been a hot minute since I blogged, but I’ve thought about it often and that should count for something. The thing is, we decided to move … 2 buildings over. We. Are. Morons. But … this is a much bigger layout, so I can have a dedicated office space and a huge room for the baby. I told S. there is no way we are moving again for a few years. Thankfully we are in agreement on this!

Changing subjects – let’s talk about what I hate, more than anything, right now. I hate when I tell people I am pregnant and I get a response like this:

  • “Better rest now, you will never sleep again. EVER.”
  • “Oh wow, wait until you hit the terrible twos!”
  • “I was in labor for 569 hours and his head was the size of a basketball!”

Guess what. I know all about sleep deprivation, that raising a kid is hard and labor isn’t fun. What is with women sharing horror stories? Can’t someone tell me how wonderful and rewarding raising a kid is? How things will be hard, but it’s worth it?  I will never, ever tell a pregnant woman the negative part of all of this … unless they ask 😉

Too Soon to Complain

I am way to tired to be blogging, but Sam is cutting up chicken for chicken salad and it is making me barfy. The office is the only place I can be right now.

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy. Only threw up twice, beautiful hair and nails, not much weight gain (granted, I am only 10 weeks in). But today I had me a day. A day when I felt sorry for myself and pouted. I didn’t even shower. I just put on my new jammie pants and wallowed.

I. Am. So. Tired. And I’ve been tired. And nauseous. Since day 1. I am at the point where I feel like I am going to feel this way FOREVER. I will never NOT be queasy. I will never NOT be fatigued. I will never be myself again. EVER. Honest to God. How do pregnant women work during the first trimester? I work most the time from home and I am a total zombie with tears by 2PM. They are the true heroes who deserve a federal holiday. Columbus Day my ass.

Of course, I know that is total bologna, but hey, such is life. As Mama always said, tomorrow will be better.

Week 9: Olive

How far along? 9 weeks (and 3 days if you care about the details)
Size of baby: An Olive
Total weight gain/measurements: +2lb. Which still amazes me. Funny story – I am obviously losing weight it my hips and butt (and face) and on Sunday, I wore pants that were a little too big to the grocery store. As I was walking, I could feel my underwear sliding down and by the time I was in the car, it was literally being help up by the crotch of my pants. Under my butt and everything. I doubt this will last long …

Sleep: Still snoring, still love sleeping.

Best moment this week: Just being pregnant and being public. Oh! And a bigger apartment just became available, so we are moving on 9 December. It’s a great location – literally 2 buildings over.

Miss anything? Nah, nothing this week.

Food cravings: Is my OB reading this? I hope not. Things have been crazy and we have ordered in a few times and each time I get the same thing – a bacon cheeseburger sub with onion, mayo, lettuce and pickles. And each time it tastes like the best thing I’ve ever had. Not sure if that counts as a craving …

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nah, nothing specific. But my queasiness has started to subside. Driving makes me feel a little gross, but lemon drops help.

Symptoms: fatigue, crying jags, short patience, big boobs.

Facebook Official!

We went public last night and it’s so amazing to see the community of support our baby will be born into and the people who will be there to help us raise him. It takes a village.

Week 8: Raspberry

How far along? 8 weeks (and 5 days if you care about the details)
Size of baby: A big old Raspberry
Total weight gain/measurements: +1.7lbs and holding strong

Sleep: Poor S. has been banished to the couch while I am snore like a truck driver. I even wake myself up sometimes!

Best moment this week: So many! We had our first OB appointment and really liked the doctor and the office. We had an ultrasound and our baby looks more like a gummy bear then a blob.

Miss anything? Sleeping!

Food cravings: Nah. I’m too queasy to eat a good meal. I hope Thanksgiving brings a change!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing specific. Last night was my first throw up and I’ve felt barfy all day. Sexy.

Symptoms: fatigue, crying jags, short patience, big boobs.

Food, Glorious Food!

Well, the little June Bug is almost 8 weeks old (or -32 weeks?) and has given me a pretty easy pregnancy so far. Granted, things could change in an instant, but I’ve had no morning sickness – just general nausea, which I can manage.

Being nauseous is a vicious circle. I am too queasy to eat, or decide what I want to eat, but eating makes me feel better. Truly no fun. What I do like to do, is talk about food. And dream about it.  Pinterest might be my biggest downfall. So many amazing delicious treats. When I think about my next meal, it is never just a ‘sandwich’. It’s a crispy BLT with the right amount of mayonnaise on a fresh potato roll (since we don’t have a flaky butter croissant).  And the food I do eat is the’ve.ever.had.

My dreams have been a little wonky, I can only imagine what they mean. Teeth falling out in a staff meeting, finding a bathroom in a mega-church where my 3rd grade crush was getting married …

What are you having for lunch?

Week 7: Tic Tac

How far along? 7 weeks (and 2 days if you care about the details)
Size of baby: 1 Tic Tac (I picture orange flavor. Those are my FAVORITE)
Total weight gain/measurements: +1.7lbs, but S. says my hands are freakishly skinny

Maternity clothes: Heck yes. My lower tummy is getting harder, so I rocked the maternity jeans, though they were a little big. Otherwise, just elastic. I had one work event, so I wore leggings and a maternity shirt, that didn’t scream ‘I’m with child’.

Sleep: The past few nights have been tough, I am a tummy sleeper, and my tummy hurts! So I toss and turn (and snore like a trucker). I just bought the most amazing maternity pillow – a Snoogle. I am napped with it this afternoon, and I think Snoogling will quickly become my favorite thing to do.

Best moment this week: We had another ultrasound today! He (we are calling it ‘he’ or ‘him’) is a little bigger and we officially are Shady Grove Graduates!! Off to an OB. Plus, when you see a strong heartbeat (his was solid, 139) the risk of miscarriage decreased to less than 5%. That makes me feel amazing.

Miss anything? Sleeping.

Movement: Still got a ways to go.

Food cravings: Nah. I am still obsessed with food. Mainly talking about it. What did you have for dinner? How did it taste?

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing specific. Life I guess. I am pretty queasy all day.

Symptoms: fatigue, mild cramps, bloat, constipation, A LOT moody (just ask S.)

Week 6: Chocolate Sprinkle

How far along?  6 weeks (and 2 days if you care about the details)

Size of baby: 1 chocolate sprinkle
Total weight gain/measurements: unsure right now

Maternity clothes: Nothing really yet, but I am still really bloated. I have an event tomorrow, so I am considering if I should just wear my maternity dress pants (thanks mom!). I have been so blessed with good friends and family who have hooked me up with some maternity clothes. I am kinda excited about wearing them!
Sleep: Last week I said I was tired, but I had no freaking idea. I am sleeping well at night (thanks to Unisom), but by  3pm all I want to do is lay down. Not really nap, but just lay down.
Best moment this week: We had our ultrasound today and got to see the heartbeat! It was ah-mazing.
Miss anything? Nah.
Movement: Still got a ways to go.
Food cravings: Nah. But I am oddly obsessed with food. I laid down yesterday and apparently fell asleep because I dreamed of all this amazing food at R.’s baby shower. And I am talking about food a lot. A LOT.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing specific.  Life I guess. I am pretty queasy all day.
Symptoms: fatigue, mild cramps, bloat, constipation, A LOT moody (just ask S.)

Too Tired to Be Creative

I would have blogged sooner, but OH MY GOD I AM TIRED. Not just ‘I need to sleep another hour’, but ‘if I don’t put my head down rightthisminute I am going to die’. Or ‘Wow, I just slept the deepest sleep of my life for 10 hours and the idea of taking a shower exhausts me’. When I said last week I was tired, I had no idea. NO IDEA.

I honestly and truly admire women who have to go to an office and work during their first trimester. I am not sure how they do it, but they need an award. My job is set up in a way that I need to work 40 hours a week, for the most part, whenever. My 3PM ‘naps’, which is usually just me laying down, not thinking, are my saving graces. I am also super blessed with a husband who won’t let me do a damn thing. He just watched me spend $300 at Target on groceries and carried them all in the house.

I feel like so much has been going on, when really nothing has. I told my coworkers I was knocked up and they were, as expected, happy – joys of working with a ton of women who ‘get it’. While we aren’t sharing it publicly yet, it feels good for coworkers to know what’s going on. I can’t wait until I can shout it from the mountain top.

Tomorrow I am half way through my first trimester and reminding my baby appleseed daily that we have a nice warm home if she can just stick around. I spend a lot of time worried about miscarrying, since so many women in my life have had this experience. If I am cramping I worry, if I am not cramping, I worry. I can tell you one thing – taking to Google was the worst mistake. Logically, if someone is asking about miscarriage, only people who miscarried will be responding right? Well, not to a pregnant woman. I read this as EVERYONE miscarries and I am stupid to have told anyone I was pregnant or buy maternity pants. I scour the internet for statistics, but in my head, I know statistics won’t matter and it isn’t really in my control.

One of the people on a message board said it perfectly, ‘You wouldn’t take your umbrella for 20%you chance of rain so don’t plan to expect the worst.’ – I tend to be very positive, so this made perfect sense to me.

I am imagining what this ‘journey to baby’ blog is going to become. Hopefully not a spot for me to complain about the negative spots of being pregnant, but the ups and downs, fears and joys and then a place to brag on my child. I doubt it will be filled with healthy recipes or crafts or even shabby chic decor (I am tired thinking about making anything shabby into chic).

I’ve been up for 30 minutes. I think it’s time for a nap!

Week 5: Appleseed

How far along?  5 weeks (and 1 day if you care about the details)

Size of baby: apple seed
Total weight gain/measurements: unsure right now

Maternity clothes: Could it be I am in the middle space where real clothes are too snug and maternity clothes are too big? I just invested in a pair of leggings and a maxi skirt that should help ease the ‘I work at home, but have to go out sometimes’ pain.
Sleep: I am so very very tired, but not sleeping well at night. I fall asleep pretty quickly, but wake up a few hours later and just toss and turn. I am having am pretty sexy dreams though (hello!). The nurse suggest Unisom, so I am going to give that a go tonight.
Best moment this week: We had our ultrasound today and got to see the black dot. No heartbeat flicker or anything yet, but another confirmation things are moving along.
Miss anything? Nah, not so much. Well, sleep.
Movement: Still got a ways to go.
Food cravings: Nah.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing specific. I wake up starving, then get queasy during the day, then eat dinner if it’s in front of me. And when I eat, I eat.
Symptoms: fatigue, mild cramps, bloat, constipation, A LOT moody (just ask S.)