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A Politically Free Thanksgiving

I can almost smell the turkey and cherry cheesecake! I love Thanksgiving and have such great memories of having a house full of family. But with a divisive election still fresh, I know a lot of my friends are dreading sitting around the table in ‘mixed company’.

How can you avoid the political talk, even after a few glasses of wine? Easy – remind everyone to check politics at the door. I made this printable as a friendly reminder that doesn’t come off as rude. Feel free to stick a few around your house to keep the discussion light.

Now, if only I could help you avoid family questions like when you are getting married, have kids or why you ruined your life with a neck tattoo.

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Mood vs Manners Printable

One lesson my Momma taught me that has really stuck with me was this – just because I was having a bad day doesn’t mean everyone else should have to deal with it. Seriously, if you don’t learn any other life lesson, that is one that will get you through.

I remember telling her someone was mean or grumpy with me, and her response was always the same, “Maybe their underwear is too tight,” meaning maybe it isn’t all about me. Maybe they were having a bad day before they came in contact with me. But ultimately, it’s not my fault.

I have called customer service lines millions of times and sometimes, not all the time, I am met with someone who is having a bad day. Perhaps their underwear is on too tight. But guess what? Your mood should NOT dictate your manners. I don’t care if you are having a really bad day – either go be alone or mind your manners.

I am not perfect (spoiler alert) and sometimes need this reminder too, so I made a quick printable to hang in my office. I thought you guys might like it as well! It’s a simple reminder for kids AND adults.

Download it here! 

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In Case of Emergency

Now is the time of year in the DC Metro area when the weather becomes a bit of a problem. The rest of the country makes fun of us for shutting everything down the minute the weatherman calls for flurries, but it’s honestly for the good of the people. Though we are a transient area, not all of us know how to throw on snow tires and drive 10 over the speed limit safely.

This is also the time of the year when I get over paranoid and over prepared when it comes to keeping our cars stocked with necessities. I am convinced we need to have at least two weeks worth of supplies on the floor of the backseat (you know, so when we are stuck in the snow and can’t get to the trunk). Perhaps I am exaggerating the two weeks, but it’s pretty damn close.

Also, as a parent, an emergency is not what it used to be. Mike having a major meltdown in the car seat because it is past mealtime is an emergency. Realizing I forgot to put more diapers in the diaper bag is an emergency.


Here’s what I am keeping in our cars (in this handy bag):

{Diapers and wipes} These should probably be in the car anyway, just in case.

{Bottles of water} Bottles of water tends sit in my car anyway since we are too lazy to bring it in with groceries and too forgetful to remember.

{Snacks} These are probably used the most on days when traffic is bad on the way home from work and I am starving. Thankfully Mike’s snacks double as Momma’s snacks. Goldfish anyone?

{Book and distraction} Waiting for a tow truck with a toddler? A book and small toy are a good choice to keep him occupied.

{First Aid Kit} We bought some pre-made, but make your own with band-aids, alcohol wipes, first aid cream, etc.

{Hand sanitizer} Because kids are gross.

{Glass cracker/seatbelt cutter} Driving over the Bay Bridge regularly it has crossed my mind that I might have an accident and go off the edge. I am prepared for the worst!

Now is a great time to print out or update your car seat emergency sticker too!

Carseat Emergency Information Printable

No one likes the idea of being in an emergency situation with a kid, especially a nonverbal kid, in the car. It might be my worst nightmare. That, and horses chasing me. But that’s for another time (or therapy session).

I stumbled on a fabulous idea for a car seat emergency sticker. It included all the important information – child’s name, parent’s contact information, allergies, and so on. This way if something happens while the child is the car seat, emergency responders have  all the necessary information.

I googled around and found a few printables, but they tended to have cute clip art or tiny print. Nope, nope, nope. I wanted something big, bright and totally noticeable, so I made my own.

I’m here to share the love! Simply download the PDF and print it on sticker paper, fill in the information with a permanent marker and adhere one to BOTH sides of your car seat.


Unitarian Universalist Principles Printable

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get heavy on you with religion and philosophy, but you might have picked up on the fact that we are Unitarian Universalists. What does that mean? Well S. and I joke it’s what happens when a non-practicing Jew and a non-practicing Catholic get married. I struggle to explain it to my friends and family, but I like to say we are a group of people who join together not on shared beliefs, but on principles.

Our church, Accotink Unitarian, is full of all religions and those who don’t consider having a religious affiliation. Together we are given opportunities to share and grow  on our journey to our personal truth. We are lucky to have a community that let’s us be as involved as we can (we pretty much haven’t gone to church since Mike was born) and gives us a starting point to raising a kid with a solid foundation.

Since we are relatively new to UUism, we joined about 4 years ago, we need to brush up on our understanding to start Mike early. I had a hard time finding a printable with the 7 Principles adapted for kids, so I thought I would just do my own. Duh. Now in the mornings we will make it part of our routine to read these with Mike and hopefully memorize them. If you are looking for a pretty print out of the 7 Principles for Kids, look no further! Download your printable here.


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