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TDCLBlogtober14 – Current Obsessions

The DC Ladies want to know about my fall obsessions, but really all my fall obsessions are just, well, obsessions. I mean, yeah. I like pumpkin lattes, falling leaves and sweaters, but what else is new? How about we just talk about my 10 current obsessions.


{Podcasts} I’ve always talked about my craptastic commute and my undying love of podcasts. I work for a great company, but my office is SILENT. We are the satellite office and the technology department, so the AC and keyboard taps are all you hear. My podcasts, specifically the Mike O’Meara Show, Dear Mattie and Truth and Iliza keep me company. What are your favorites?

{Infused Water} Drinking water is about as much fun as being water boarded. I finally dove into some Pinterest boards and made a few mason jars of infused waters. Wow! I am loving having a big ole quart of water with pretty peaches and kiwis floating about. I am for sure drinking more water these days AND wearing a path in the carpet between my desk and the bathroom.

{Atkins Candies} Did I mention we are back on the Atkins low carb living train? We fell off and then said train backed over us. Me specifically. It’s still the first week and I am not sure how much I’ve lost, but I’ve FELT better and that’s what matters. Sugar is my vice and the Atkins Candies really fill that void. It’s a pretty sizable bag and they taste JUST like ‘real’ M&Ms!

{Boogie Wipes} Who said Boogie Wipes are for babies? I have a huge pack at my desk, a travel size in my car, another huge pack at home and I use them constantly. They are soft saline wipes for runny, sore noses. Grape scented of course.

{Lane Bryant Tanks} I seem to wear a cami every day and I LOVE Lane Bryant’s Smooth Stretch Cami. I’ve been really disappointed lately with LB’s offerings AND price point, but these are worth every penny.

{Watching Mike Play Alone} I am going to blog on this later, but I love watching Mike play alone. After a day at daycare with his friends he seems to really need some time alone and S. is great about giving him that (since he does pickup and has about an hour before I get home). There is something really cool to see how his imagination works and what he THINKS he should be doing with toys. It’s hard not to correct him on ‘how to play’ (who knew?) but it is vital to his independence and creativity.

{Jane the Virgin} Have you seen the CW’s new show Jane the Virgin? It’s so cute and has a great storyline. Even S. likes it!

{Stylus Pens} Now that I am using my iPad at work I picked up a few stylus pens from the Dollar Tree. The price was right and turns out I actually LOVE these pens! They write nicely and are convenient.

{Method Bodywash} I love Method brand and even though their body wash is a little more than I would spend I deserve something that smells awesome. Right now I am lathering up with the Kelly Moss scent. I am pretty sure you can only get it at Target.

{Essie Sleek Sticks} If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I scored big at the Dollar Tree (do you see a trend?) a few weeks ago and found some Essie Sleek Sticks nail stickers. These retail about $10 at beauty stores so I stocked up. I am not usually a fan of the nail stickers but these are really nice and easy peasy.

#TDCLBlogtober14 – It’s in the Bag

I have so many purses, tote bags, big ones, small ones, new ones, old ones – yet I only use about 4 on a regular basis. I have three in rotation now depending on the situation. A Vera Bradley crossbody for when I am solo, a Thirty One Cindy Tote for when I am out with the kid and a Dakine Anya bag for work. I keep them all stocked with the necessities and just move my wallet. I did a blog post awhile back about what’s in my diaper bag a la US Weekly style, so I was excited when DC Ladies asked bloggers what is in their bag.




1. Dakine Anya Tote: This bag rocks. It is made by an active outdoor company, so it is really durable and the print is ‘calm’ enough for a professional. I also like the multi-strap option – I can do a cross-body messenger style, or use the shoulder straps.

2. Great Bites Mints: These are my mints of choice because of the fun packaging. Plus one will kill bad breath for hours. You’ve been warned!

3. Erin Condren Life Planner: I am in love with this massive life planner. I can’t go to work without it even if I don’t have to check it daily. It’s pricey, but worth it for what I need. Stay tuned for a review in a few weeks!

4. Blissoma Stress Relief Serum: Remember HeadOn? I was obsessed with that stuff as a chronic headache sufferer. When I got pregnant and couldn’t take Advil Migraine we discovered HeadOn was discontinued. S. did some research and ordered me some of this magic. It zaps my headaches, smells amazing and is organic. It goes everywhere with me.

5. Wooden Teether: Last Christmas we got Mike a wooden teething ring with his name on it, because why the heck not. I can honestly say he never used it, but it goes with me in my bags. I am not sure why, but it is comforting to have something of his with me during the day.

6. Emerald Cinnamon Almonds: We are back on the low-carb eating train so almonds are a necessity. I pretty much have them stashed everywhere and LOVE the cinnamon variety. It gives me a sweet taste while keeping me on track.

So, what’s in your bag?

Nellie’s All Natural Giveaway

I don’t give a lot of thought to laundry detergent. Someone asked me if I was going to use Dreft for Mike’s clothes when he was born which left this first time Muddling Momma confused – does that mean I have to wash his clothes separate from ours? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I try to go all natural with cleaning products when I can, but you always read somewhere that they aren’t as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ as they seem. Which led me to Nellie’s All Natural. For years I have used other organic, grocery store friendly, brands and they did okay – but even the non-scented had a scent. The first thing I noticed about Nellie’s (after the super cute tin container) was the lack of scent. Maybe I don’t want to smell like a tropical rain-forest after a thunderstorm or a beach on a humid summer day.


I am really impressed that Nellie’s Laundry Soda has practically nothing in it yet still does a great job getting clothes clean. . I am not even sure what SLS or SLES are, but who cares? It isn’t in Nellie’s All-Natrual.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gluten Free
  • No SLS or SLES
  • No GMO’s
  • Chlorine Free
  • Phosphate Free
  • No animal testing (Leaping Bunny Certified)
  • Dye free
  • Non toxic
  • Paraben Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Ammonia Free

After a few ‘trial’ washes, our clothes were clean, stains were gone, no one smelled like a Caribbean thunderstorm. Also, no one got weird rashes. Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda  has a fan for life!

Nellie’s All Naturals and I teamed up and we are giving away a tin of Laundry Soda. It’s really easy – just comment on this blog and tell me where your clothes get dirtiest. A commenter will be picked at random on Friday, October 3rd.

And we have a winner! Thanks everyone for your sharing your messiest adventures.



Yep, you guessed it. This post is sponsored. They might have offered the product, but I offered my honest opinion. This post also might have affiliate links. I might get a small kick back, nothing that will let me quit my day job and nothing that will raise the price for you. You’ve been warned.


The Must Have Stroller Organizer


You might not be able to tell by looking at me, but I love organizing. Baskets, containers, drawers, folders – I am obsessed with them all. When Children ‘n Us asked me to give their new stroller organizer a test run, I couldn’t say no.

We love our City Mini stroller, but it seriously lacks space to put stuff. The first thing we bought was the organizer made specifically for the handle. I was really disappointed. The velcro straps were too long and always in the way, it never really flattened out from shipping and it didn’t have much room for anything by a Wubba, drink, phone and small wallet. It worked, but it could have been SO much better.

Then there is the Children ‘n Us organizer. We used it last weekend on our trip to Ikea. I opened the box in the car and within minutes I had it attached to the stroller. No velcro folks, it has clips, which is worth every penny. Why? Because when our trip was over, I simply unclipped the organizer and tossed it in the diaper bag (which I left in the car because I didn’t need it). The easy on and off is critical.

It felt really well made considering the $25.00 price point. It has heavy canvas, sturdy zippers and a magnetic snap. I was able to keep a sippy cup, Goldfish, my wallet, car keys, sunglasses, a Wubba, my phone, S’s phone, our papers and a board book. A BOARD BOOK. Seriously.


I was really impressed to say the least. I think this needs to be on everyone’s baby registry!

Yep, you guessed it. This post is sponsored. They might have offered the product, but I offered my honest opinion. This post also might have affiliate links. I might get a small kick back, nothing that will let me quit my day job and nothing that will raise the price for you. You’ve been warned.

Bloomers Bra Fitting & a Giveaway!

I used to work for a lingerie chain that is found in almost every mall across the country. I was in college and it was very short lived. Apparently my future didn’t lie in hanging itty bitty teeny tiny thongs. When I wasn’t counting boy shorts, I was measuring for bra sizes. I want to publicly apologize to all women who came to me for a bra fitting. I had no idea what I was doing. I had one lesson, was handed a pink tape measure and was sent on my merry way. Because of this experience, I didn’t put a lot of stock in getting measured.

Flash forward 10 years. Weight changes, a baby, a short stint breastfeeding and your guess is as good as mine what size I am. When my Momma friend Jen mentioned on our Facebook group she was ready to get a bra fitting, I knew just the place – Bloomers in Old Town Alexandria.

I think of Bloomers as a practical underwear store. It’s small, independently owned and just pretty. Beautiful displays, neat racks with soft fabrics and ideal lighting. While there is a handful of sexy lingerie, what you will mostly find is nude and black bras, seamless panties and products to help the *ahem* girls. Think nipple tape, inserts and the like.

Jen, and her little Pheebe met up during lunch and were greeted by a happy, knowledgeable Bloomer’s employee. She led us to the back and explained the process. Measurements are ‘vague’ for a reason – the cut, style and brand make a difference. It was comfortable, not intimating and she had actually been TRAINED in bra fitting. I was also impressed she put Jen in a changing room to do the measurement, despite not being naked. I like that kind of attention to people’s potential privacy concerns. Who wants a stranger touching their boobs in the middle of a store?


Guess what? I am wearing the wrong size, and so was Jen. Jen took the opportunity to try on bras and …. checked in with her regularly, looked at the fit and made suggestions. It seemed that their employees are trained in top notch customer service and have a handle on the level of attention a customer would like.

My only complaint, and I can’t even say it’s a complaint because I understand the reason, is their size selection. HOWEVER, I got measured and had a good sense of my size, then ordered from a large company that carried my size. If you are looking for amazingly comfy jammies or trendy undies (panties is one of the worst words in the world), call and make sure they carry your size.


While Jen tried on bras, Miss Pheebe played with the bucket of toys. You heard me. BUCKET OF TOYS. Specifically for kids to play with while Mom shops. This is reason enough to go in and get a bra fitting.

If you can’t make it to Old Town Alexandria or Shirlington, check out their bra fitting guide online and head to your favorite lingerie store. Every Momma needs a fitting and deserves to toss out the maternity underwear.

Once you have that perfectly fitting bra, how do you wash it? How about in a Bra Maid? Protect your investment! Thanks to Bloomers, I am giving away one pink Bra Maid. Leave a comment below letting me know the last time you had a bra fitting and you might be randomly selected to ‘protect your assets’.

This giveaway is closed. Congrats to Jen N who won the BraMaid! 

Yep, you guessed it. This post is sponsored. They might have offered the product, but I offered my honest opinion. This post also might have affiliate links. I might get a small kick back, nothing that will let me quit my day job and nothing that will raise the price for you. You’ve been warned.

RocksBox Review & Free Month!

Look in your jewelry box Mommas. When was the last time you wore that necklace? When was the last time you bought a set of earrings? Not diamonds, but something of the Charming Charlie variety? I love collecting fun fashion pieces, but rarely wear anything but a pair of earrings and my second wedding band (the one I got when my fingers swelled and now I rather not have Mike chew on my engagement ring).  I was so excited to hear about the latest addition to the subscription box industry. Welcome RocksBox.

I first heard about RocksBox on Forbes and was intrigued by the idea of ‘rental jewelry’. I know some Momma’s have trouble feeling pretty or like themselves after the little one arrives and I know first hand shopping for jewelry is not high on the list of priorities. RocksBox not only makes it simple, but it makes it affordable.

Here’s the low down:

Sign up for $19 a month. You get 3 pieces of designer jewelry you can keep as long as you want. Return the jewelry in a prepaid envelope and they send you 3 more pieces to try. You can return your collection as many times as you like for the same monthly price.  If you fall in love with a piece, you can buy it with a 20% discount.  Would you rather spend $15 at Target for a necklace, or spend $19 a month for a few pricier pieces you can return when you get tired of them? I had to give it a try.

The sign up process was stupid simple.  I took a survey about my ‘style’ – long necklaces or short? Statement pieces? Studs or hoop earrings? They also wanted to know where I wear jewelry – out on the town or in an office.

Next was the fun part! There were pictures of different pieces and I selected the ones that appeal to me. I used this opportunity to pick what I would normally wear. BUT you can change this at any time. So when I return my pieces, I will update my profile to show some more funky, statement pieces.

When I got the email my box was shipped, my mailman should have taken out a restraining order on me. I couldn’t wait to see what the stylist had picked! I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging was beautiful – a white box with a pink ribbon. Inside was a blue tissue paper hiding 3 sheer white bags.



My first RocksBox collection has a Charlene K Sterling Silver Circle Chain Necklace (retail: $140), Urban Gem Purple Druzy Studs in Gold (retail: $48) and Nakamol Mixed Crystals Five Times Blue Leather Wrap Bracelet (retail: $54). Side note – I didn’t get a good picture of the earrings, but the picture here is as close as I could find to the pair. They were ah-mazing!


Would I have picked these in the store? YES! The necklace is simple, long and perfect dressed up or down. The earrings are super pretty and the bracelet is stylish. My first RocksBox … well, rocks. I am going to wear these pieces, snap some selfies and send them back Monday to see what other goodies I get.


So far, so good RocksBox!

Oh, and because you are a friend of mine, sign up yourself for Rocksbox and get a FREE month! Make sure you use one of the links within this post. This subscription box would be a great gift for a new momma.

You guess it, this blog was sponsored. They might have provided me the goods, but no one can afford to buy a positive review from me, so what you read is the truth. Oh, and if you click on a link, it might be an affiliate link. It won’t cost you more, just a little somethin’ somethin’ for me. 

Don’t Overpack for the Hospital

I know it’s been over a year since I spent 5 nights in the lovely Fair Oaks Hospital with my newborn, but I remember my hospital bag vividly. It was heavy. I am a ‘just in case packer’. Though my C-Section was scheduled well in advance, you never know when plans change – what if I decide last minute to have a water birth? I need my snorkel! Or what if I get hungry? I need multiple snack options (you know, because the hospital is in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t have a cafeteria or vending machine)!  Let me breakdown, in my opinion, what you truly need when having a baby.

overpack for the hospital

{Socks} I was so thankful to have my cheesy, fuzzy socks in the hospital. On the operating table it kept me warm and during my stay (which was longer than anticipated), it was nice to have some comforts of home. Plus, those rubber tread hospital socks are just not comfortable.


{Big Clothes} I remember watching an episode of Reba when Cheyenne was a pregnant teen having a baby shower. Her friend gave her a teeny tiny shirt and Reba said it would be cute on the baby. Cheyenne replied it was for her to wear home from the hospital. Sorry Momma-to-be, you will still have a belly. I brought my maternity yoga pants, nursing tanks and a light cardigan for when I had callers. I left the hospital in what I came in – a maxi dress.


PS – The minute you feel up to it, go to Target and get clothes that fit. Don’t look at the size. Don’t expect to fit in your skinny jeans. Be comfortable for the next few weeks. Your body just spent 9 months growing a little human. It needs some time.


{Toiletries} Small bottles of shampoo, a tube of toothpaste, toothbrush … all the normal overnight stuff take with you. I couldn’t WAIT to take a shower a few days after giving birth. I felt so human again and with deliciously smelly hair it was hard not to. I also asked my Momma to bring my mascara. It was pointless, but it just made me feel better.


{Pillow and/or Pillowcase} I am all for being comfortable and though I didn’t bring my pillow from home, I brought my neck roll pillow which I am attached to. It just felt good having something from home since we were there for awhile.


{Swaddlers} I am a terrible swaddler, S. is the pro. I will forever be grateful for the SwaddleMe velcro sacks. It made it so much easier for me to wrap Mike up since every half hour someone was coming in, undoing it and checking vitals, giving shots, etc.


{Boppy} I’ve seen a few blogs about how pointless Boppys are, but I disagree. I brought mine to the hospital and it helped me when I was breastfeeding and I wanted to put Mike down near me. I also seem to remember S. using it as a pillow at one point …


{Chargers} I am pretty sure we packed every single electronic we owned. And two chargers for each just in case. Oh, and extra batteries. I don’t think we used anything but our cell phones and chargers. Be realistic and if you change your mind, send someone home to get your stuff. If you are thinking about packing a book, you are clearly kidding yourself. You will either be sleeping or staring at your little wonder.
I’m probably missing something, but the point is, don’t overpack. Save room for the freebies – diapers, formula samples, and wipes. Don’t be afraid to ask for extras! You just pushed out a human. You’ve earned it.


8 Baby Products to Save Your Money On

Two things are obvious if you’ve been reading my blog:

1. I love lists. Like, love, love.

2. I am pretty realistic when it comes to spending money on baby stuff.

So, remember how I gave you guys my 5 Registry Must Haves? Today I am telling what you don’t need. As just like before, I bet a bunch of you will disagree wholeheartedly with my list and that’s cool. Different things work for different parents. Some of these products I’ve tried and some other products I pretty much knew I wouldn’t use and I haven’t missed. FYI – I tried to widdle this list down to 5, but I just couldn’t.

baby products to avoid

{Baby Food Maker} I covered this in my post about making baby food at home. Sure, the fancy mixers specifically for baby food work just fine, but so does the generic blender from the discount box store.

{Hooded Towels} If this doesn’t make it on your registry, you are going to get a gazillion for your shower anyway. What’s my beef with hooded towels? They fit Mike for about two weeks. Now they barely wrap around him and they all seem to be thin and flimsy. After figuring this out we bought a few bath sheets on Amazon and wrap it around him a dozen times.

{Baby Bathtub} We had a baby bathtub because everyone had one and it made sense. The baby has to bathe right? We probably used it five times. It took up a TON of room in our small apartment and was more trouble than it was worth. After Mike’s first bath in the tub in the sink, we started putting him in the tub with S. He liked it so much more – being held, moved around and warm.

{Formula Mixer} Stop being lazy. Really.

{Pee-Pee Tee-Pee} Anyone with a boy knows that being peed on is a given. If you make it out of the hospital without it happening, consider it a victory! I honestly thought the PPTP was a joke, but people actually USE these things! I see a few things happening – a strong stream and being stabbed in the eye with the pointy end or Mike getting curious and pulling it off. Here’s a common tip – save your money and cover your son immediately while changing his diaper.

{Bottle Warmer} We used a bottle warmer for a few weeks before realizing that Mike liked his formula warm, room temp or cold. The warmer added extra, unnecessary time to the process. Maybe we were just lucky.

{Bottle Sterilizer} We had one of these too and they are such a pain in the neck. Our bottles never fit right, it never fit enough, water ended up everywhere … it was exhausting. Now we hand wash the bottles in super hot water then run them through the dishwasher once a week.

{Pacifier Wipes} You might have picked up on the fact that I am not a germphobe.  I will tell you that I had the best of intentions of using pacifier wipes, but they were never handy when I needed them. The few times Mike used his pacifier and dropped it (or any toy), I usually just wiped it on my shirt or stuck it in my mouth first.

What would you add?


5 Registry Must Haves

A pregnant friend of mine asked me yesterday what they REALLY needed to put on their baby registry. I thought I would suggest a few things, but as I got to remembering and listing what I thought she REALLY needed, my list got pretty long. I did warn her, everyone has a different ‘must have’ list. I remember asking my Facebook friends the same question and for everyone who SWORE I needed a wipe warmer the same number told me they aren’t necessary. Regardless, we registered for EVERYTHING and exchanged a lot (that’s a good point, check out the store’s return policy before you register!). Also, we had quite a few things we never used or figured out were more trouble than they were worth *cough*bottle sterilizer*cough*.

After much thinking I put together my list of what I would consider ‘registry must haves’.

registry must haves


{Video Monitor} S. came home from his Daddy class swearing we had to get one of these, and I, of course, poo-poo’ed it. We have a small apartment, video monitors aren’t cheap, yadda yadda yadda. However, I let him talk me into getting one and we got a great deal on a Summer Infant Safe Sight™ Digital Video Monitor on eBay. Since Mike has been sleeping in his crib, that monitor is a lifesaver. Mike is a loud sleeper, often ‘singing’ himself to sleep and we are able to assess whether we need to go in because he is awake or ignore him because he is dreaming. Also, if you are going to sleep train – a video monitor is essential. I do recommend our model, but there are plenty to chose from. 

{Crib Soother} We used the  Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother because we had a few other toys from that line and the music was the most tolerable. It was great when he was littler and the ocean noise was calming. Now that he is older, he has a different rumbly white noise app at night, but when he wakes up he LOVES pushing the buttons to turn the glowing light and sound on an off. It also has a night light feature for when it’s time for late night diaper changes. We had a mobile, but we had to constantly crank wind it up and eventually Mike got to pulling himself up and practically swinging from it. Really any white noise ‘thing’ is a necessity in my book.

{A Comfy Rocker} Ah, everyone has an opinion about rockers. A few of my friends said they never used their’s, but other people said they lived in their rocker. I fell in love with a $400 microfiber recliner rocker, but who in their right mind would gift us a $400 rocker? I am not even sure we spent that much on our dining room set. However, we did get some cash and gift cards from family, used a 20% coupon AND bought the floor model leaving us with $56 out of pocket. I won’t spend $400, but I sure will spend $56! Turns out we fell into the second camp – we use the heck out of that rocker. If you think you are going to use your’s – invest in something comfortable. I used a glider when we visited my parent’s and my butt hurt for a few days.

{Same Bottles} We thought it would be smart to register for a variety of bottles so we could find one Mike liked. Wrong. Mike liked them all and each had different parts and nipples. That wouldn’t have been a problem, but while we were at the hospital, my Mom thought it would be helpful to wash the bottles (it was, trust me!) so we weren’t sure which parts went to which bottles. The only way we figured it out was to Google why a certain brand leaked to find out it took a ring or a special nipple we thought went to ANOTHER model. I would suggest registering for ONE kind of bottle and an easy kind. We stuck with EvenFlo Bebeks and Avent Free Naturals. Both had nothing extra or fancy and had distinct nipples. This also needs to be categorized under things no one told me.

{Space Saving Glider Vibrating Chair} We got this a little too late, but not late enough to realize it’s importance. We had a second hand vibrating chair as well as a swing that Mike enjoyed, but living in a small apartment having two rather large items took up space. We happened upon a good deal on a Graco Glider XL and it made so much sense. First of all, it swings, plays music and vibrates, so takes two things and combines it into one. I also liked that it sat up pretty high so I wasn’t constantly leaning down to maneuver Mike in and out. I am all for multi-purpose gear!

Again, these are what I would consider ‘must haves’ from our experience. You might talk to someone else who had a swing their little one hated. It’s always a good idea to borrow or buy second hand to test out something before making an investment.

What do YOU recommend adding to a baby registry? 

47 Minutes

My Momma said I have to blog even in the bad times, and I am usually pretty good at that. I’ve prided myself on keeping it real because it’s important, not only for other mommas, but other women. Who wants to read about how I am super mom 100% of the time? I really am only 95% of the time and the world should know. Kidding, obvi. There’s a reason I called this blog ‘Muddling Momma’.

So, things have been super frustrating lately. At 10 months old MIke’s sleeping has become … an issue. We’ve let it go on too long and have made excuses and that is embaressing. Each night I feed him, rock him to sleep, put him in the crib once I knew he was asleep and the minute he would pop up (which was pretty much as soon as his head hit the sheets) I would whisk him away to the rocker and start over. Recently I started to feel super craptastic about this and started to feel chained to the rocker for at least an hour a night. Easter weekend at my parent’s house really made night time difficult and S. and I realized, enough was enough.

We’ve talked about sleep training before and when I’ve broached the topic on Facebook… well, it was right up there with talking politics, religion and gun control. Everyone had an opinion and stories. From ‘say good night, shut the door and don’t open it until the morning’ to ‘co-sleep until high school graduation’. Neither of these options felt right to S or me. I worried a lot about what all this said about me as a momma. Because I don’t subscribe to the traditional ‘Crying it Out’ method, am I coddling my kid? Setting him up for a life where I catered to his needs? If I didn’t cater to his every request, am I raising him to be a sociopath? Frankly, being exhausted wasn’t helping the brain function either. I know a lot of things we do as parent’s don’t make us feel good, but are necessary to raise functioning members of society.

I gave our daycare provider a call and said said the at nap time he goes into the crib ‘chats and sings a bit’, then goes to sleep. I can honestly say – I was pretty mad for a lot of reasons. First of all, I am calling our daycare provider to figure out how to put our son to sleep and secondly, because it was painful obvious Mike was playing us. Looking back on this conversation, S. brought up a good point. We, as parents, should never feel bad asking our daycare provider things like this since we are partners in our kid’s development, right? Right.

So S and I did some research and bought The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp.  It’s a great book, but it is more for a younger kid – making me a feel even worse for not starting earlier when we could still swaddle. But we took a few of the ideas including the need for the RIGHT white noise. We’ve been using timed ocean sound machine, but Dr. Karp said by his age it is more annoying than helpful. So S. downloaded a white noise app, and found a rumbly noise and played it much louder than we would have thought – about as loud as a shower.

The other tip we took was a more rigid bedtime routine. So now it’s bath, bottle, book, snuggle, sleep. That makes sense, and though we did it before – we are making it much more deliberate. The first night he slept through and it was amazing.

Then the next night, not so amazing. And then the following? Even worse.

Yesterday we were at our wit’s end. In my searching of sleep training methods (there are tons)I came across Sleep Sense by Dana Obleman and though the concepts aren’t new – for whatever reason what she said and how she said it really struck me.

I know Mike isn’t crying because he feels abandoned or is confused, but Obleman really summed it up when she said he is crying because he is tired and doesn’t know how to fall asleep – and guess what? That’s not my job anymore. No one likes to hear their baby cry, but it is easier to take when I know it’s frustration and not anxiety or fear.

She also outlined 2 options for sleep training. One is a called Camping Out which is where you sit in a chair next the crib until he goes to sleep and every few nights move the chair further away. The other method is call Checking In where every few minutes (whatever you are comfortable with) you poke your head in and remind them you are there and you will see them in the morning. S and I agreed on the 2nd option, which seemed like a doable process. We agreed we were going to stick with it no matter how long it took.

It’s amazing how anxious I was all afternoon. I was pretty convinced it would be a long, painful night. And like with everything – the anxiety and worry was worse than what actually happened. Here’s how our night went:

6:30P – Bathtime!

6:45P – Into Mike’s room for a bottle and a book. We made sure the white noise was playing through out the process. We made lots of references to going nighty night.

7:00P – Lights out! We said good night and Mike was not happy.

7:03P – S. poked his head in and said good night. Mike cried harder. We watched him on the video monitor and he was crawling around the crib, standing up and bouncing. Clearly looking at the door. Every time he would calm down, we would start the 3 minutes over.

7:14P – S. poked his head in again to say good night and again, Mike cried harder.

7:17P – S. noticed on the monitor that Mike spit up a bit. So we followed the book’s suggestion. We went in, I changed Mike’s poopy diaper, S. changed the sheets.

7:27P – S. poked his head in again to say good night and again, Mike cried harder.

7:30P – S. was watching Mike on the video monitor just in time to see him literally projectile vomit down the wall. We went in, changed Mike, changed the sheets, wiped down the wall, wiped up the floor and … started again.

7:40P -S. went in again to stay good night.

7:45P – We noticed on the video monitor Mike was laying down doing the sniffling crying.

7:47P – Mike was asleep.

47 Minutes. 

That couldn’t have been it right? I was convinced he would wake up again. Around 2AM we heard him crying really hard, and as the book suggested, we were prepared to wait 10 minutes before going in to remind him we were there. 5 minutes into the hysteria – he was asleep again. We didn’t hear another peep until about 7:30A.


Oh. My. Gosh. 

I woke up thinking I could cure cancer, save the pandas, walk in stilettos, or do something equally amazing.

Even nap time today took, literally, 7 minutes of hysteria before he fell asleep.

This is so good, not just for him, but for S. and me. I feel like I am free from sitting in the rocker for an hour a night, and that will leave more time to hang with S., get stuff done around the house and just ease into MY nighttime routine. I was really starting to worry about how I was going explain to Mike’s college roommate why I was there every night to rock him. At some point it was just going to get awkward.

Tonight might be difficult, or even one night next week. I am not convinced we have a perfect, sleep trained baby, but damn if we aren’t moving in the right direction.