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VP of Snuggles

The weeks have been flying and I haven’t had a minute to get my thoughts in order – Momma brain perhaps?

Guess what? I’m officially a working momma! Sometimes the stars just align and God’s ears hear the words from my mouth. Remember in March when I was laid off? Well, my boss and run in the same social circle so we’ve stayed in touch naturally. I told her I was holding out as long as possible for a position when they could afford to bring me back, and it happened just in time! She needed and Executive Assistant/Business Development person part time to start, then full time in a few months. Which is the perfect scenario for me. But wait, it gets better. Sonjara is a virtual company, so we all work from home and go into the office as needed and while I am home and in the office, Mike can come too! I am hoping that lasts a few weeks while he is still not mobile and his needs are pretty simple.  I am beyond blessed for this opportunity and thankful I waited for a company that shares my values and is family friendly.

Today was my first day back, and Mike – my VP of Snuggles – was a trooper. He slept,  ate, and played in his LulyBoo happily.  The funny thing is my Sister in Law has her last day of work tomorrow so she can be a stay at home mom – her dream.  When I heard that she was able to do that, I felt a twinge of jealousy and it took me awhile to figure out why. Then I realized, I wish that was my dream. I wish I had the desire to stay home and spend my day with Mike, but I just don’t.

Living in the DC Metro area, 2 incomes is very necessary, so it’s not an option for us. I admire mommas and dads who stay home with their babies and I also admire mommas and dads who go to the office everyday. I am not envious of how the ‘other half live’, maybe because I am with a company that understands work-life balance (suck it Yahoo!).

Mike’s 2 month appointment is next week – can you believe it?

The Bolt Bus Hates Pregnant Women

Well, I am not going to slander the whole Bolt bus line, but if you are 30 weeks pregnant, taking a bus 5 hours is not a good option.  Do you have a Bolt Bus line in your neck of the woods? It’s a great idea. A super cheap bus line that goes from DC to NYC (and a few other stops, like Boston and the Pacific Northwest) for super cheap. Remember how cool it was to be on a coach bus watching movies on your way to the museum on a field trip? Yeah, same idea, but no movie and less cool.

I had to make a last minute trip to NYC for my part time job and you couldn’t beat the $50 round trip ticket. And it’s a bus. How bad can it be?  If I was a college student looking to soak up the NYC night life, the answer is not so bad. If I was 7 months pregnant, the answer is terrible.  First of all, it’s a 5 hour trip sitting. Here’s the run down:

Bus: Meh. It’s a coach bus. They had TVs, but no movies, which I found sad. Really? If you have them, you should use them. Would it kill you to put on Finding Nemo or Seinfield season 1?

Bathroom: Very, VERY important if you are pregnant. I sat near the back to make sure I could get there quickly. But with the way it was situated, the door opened BARELY for me to squeeze in. I’m not a huge pregnant woman either! Plus, with the rocking of the bus, I had to lean against the back wall to hike up my pants. It was a glorified porta-potty, but smelled less … porta potty. Even the toilet paper was thread bare and hanging by a string. Literally. A string.

People: It takes all kinds right? There were all kinds on the Bolt bus. I sat next to a woman from Alaska who was riding standby with her husband for a last minute trip to see some shows for her 60th birthday. She was so kind, and made sure I was comfortable (more on that later).  The couple behind me … well. They were DC hipsters going to some swanky spa in NYC and he is a photographer who photographed Joan Rivers house. Which begs the question … why were they on the Bolt bus? People seemed very pre-occupied with their laptops and ipads, so it was a quiet ride.

Wi-fi: Bolt bus loves to brag on it’s free wi-fi, which was nice. Slow, but nice. The challenge was, the seats didn’t have tray tables, so you had to hold you device in your lap. Again, great – unless you lap is taken over by a pregnant belly.

I would say by hour 4, I was getting restless. Our 10 minute break at the Delaware House wasn’t nearly enough to take care of my restless legs and swollen ankles. I will, of course, use the Bolt bus again when I am sans a pregnant belly.

On an unrelated note, I realized last minute I booked my departure ticket the same day as my return and after 48+ hours in NYC living with my boss, I was close to an epic meltdown. No reason to try to book another ticket – they were sold out for a couple hours, and my ankles didn’t allow any sort of standby.  I sucked it up and Amtraked it home. Tray tables, leg room, huge bathrooms … a pregnant woman’s dream.

Maternity Underwear is Not Sexy

It’s been awhile, yes. And I haven’t skipped blogging because I am out of witty things to say, no – I have plenty of things I think that are hilarious to say, but I have been so tired I haven’t really put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). I should get better at this.

Things are going well pregnancy wise – starting to feel huge, rolling over adds a bit of hilarity to my night, Mikey is kicking up a storm … everything is as it should be. We’ve started working on the nursery and buying ‘bigger’ ticket items 2nd hand that we don’t anticipate people buying for our next baby shower (oh! I need to blog about my first one). Which begs a question – why don’t we have richer friends? We even hired a trainer for our current baby on 4 legs who is terrified of the stroller. TERRIFIED.

6a00e54f937a85883401543484e294970cI am strictly and happily in maternity clothes now, but had been struggling with my *ahem* underwear. I am pretty set in my ways regarding the style and brand of underwear that works for me (Cacique, hipsters if you must know) and I’ve had a hard time giving them up and trying something of the maternity variety because it is so hard to size right and it’s not cheap. And not sexy. Not that my hipsters will ever be on the cover of Maxim, but they aren’t nylon high-waisters from the 70s.

I had a big order going into Amazon, so I added a set of high-waisted underwear from Motherhood Maternity since my waist is getting bigger and thus the underwear will not be that high for long. When I opened the package to show Sam, we all got a good laugh. They were HUGE. Like, no way my shrinking butt and hips and growing belly would fit into those things.

But they did. Perfectly.

And holy sh*t they are comfortable.

Granted, they come up to my belly button and sag a little in my tushie, but they are an answer to my prayers. No more sitting in meetings feeling my hipsters slowly roll down my belly, or walking in the parking lot feeling them creepy down my butt. Or getting changed and seeing the imprint of the elastic on my belly. Can the baby even breathe with underwear that tight? Who cares, I am so in my comfort zone.

Influenster: Cosmo VoxBox

I got my very first Influenster VoxBox! Anyone who knows me, knows I love free stuff and I have an opinion about EVERYTHING, so I was excited to be chosen for the Cosmo VoxBox. It had lots of goodies, so here are my reviews:

Forever Red Exclusively at Bath & Body Works: I’ve been looking for a scent after reading about my friend Jen’s experience, and I really like this one from Bath and Body Works.  They describe it as a blend of pomegranate and osmanthus (what the heck is that?) and a little rum, which in my book goes a long way. I spritzed it on in the morning and smelled it all day, but not in an annoying Grandma way.  I checked the price, and it is priced JUST right for me – a full size bottle is $22.

Ghirardelli Sea Salt Escape: This couldn’t have come at a better time since I am obsessed with putting sea salt in weird things – like chocolate. This was delicious with just the right sweet and salty. I ended up getting another one for my trip to the movies Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Caramel.

FriXion by Pilot Pen: I was instantly transported back to Lockerman Middle School where we were allowed to transition into adulthood by using erasable pens. They were hard to find and terrible to write with. These, however, are amazing. I didn’t even realize the eraser was an eraser. A throwback with a futuristic twist.

Gillette® Venus®:  I am no stranger to Gillette Venus razors. Since I began shaving, these were popular and pretty. Guess what? They still are.

Gillette® Venus® Embrace®: Like the Venus razor, I use the blades. I hate shaving, so I try to make it as quick as possible, so I like the blades with the Olay soap around the edges. I wouldn’t recommend it for summertime shaving (unless you use shaving cream), but for a quick winter shave, these are perfect for skipping the extra step.

 Do you want an invite? Let me know! 


So my friend Jeny (check out her blog!) invited me to join Influenster. I love free stuff and when asked, or not asked, I have an opinion. Jeny mentioned she has found a lot of really great (and not so great) products from inflenster, so I am excited to see what they have to offer.

Stay tuned or my reviews, and let me know if you want an invite 🙂