As a March baby I was always a little jealous of my friends with summer birthdays. They got to have cake by the pool while on my special day it was either the tail end of a freezing winter or an early start of a Mid Atlantic summer – with no pool in sight. This was the reason I timed Mike’s birthday for June. Just kidding, obviously didn’t time anything¬† to do with his arrival.¬†But I was excited to have a June baby! Since he is a water lover it made sense to have a pool party to celebrate the big ONE.

My parents have a ‘bladder’ pool (is that what it’s called? That’s what we call it and it makes me cringe every time.) and a big backyard so they graciously let us host the party there. My Momma and I work SO well together. I am the brains and she is muscle, so that was a huge plus of us hosting at their house.

We were blessed with amazing weather and Mike was blessed with lots of family and fun. I am not sure he grasped what was going on, but the adults seemed to have a great time. Here’s a photo recap of Mike’s First Birthday Pool Party.


I opted to use my PicMonkey subscription for good. I made these with a free background and printed them at our local Walgreens.

Mikey's 1st Bday Party (18)

Remember the pool noodle garland tutorial I did? Well they turned out great and were hung randomly throughout the backyard. We had an ‘Easy Up’ tent in the backyard with some chairs and side tables for some extra seating in the shade.

Mikey's 1st Bday Party (22)

Since it was an afternoon party we didn’t have a real ‘meal’ planned. Who doesn’t love hot dogs though? We boiled some hot dogs and put out the fixings like onions, chili and cheese. My Mother in Law made fruit kabobs and S’s Aunt made veggie cups. For the kiddos – PB&J and Goldfish, but the adults might have had a couple. I didn’t get a good picture of it, but R. made an amazing jug of ‘Ocean Water’. A tip – don’t put the Swedish Fish in, they sink to the bottom and dead fish can kill the festive mood.

I hemmed and hawed trying to make my own chalkboard first birthday picture, but I finally realized it wasn’t worth the stress, so we found one on Etsy by Green Papaya Prints that we ordered and printed it locally. I would say my sanity is worth $20.

Mikey's 1st Bday Party (115)

I could kick myself for not getting a good picture of the cupcakes before they were devoured. Again, another $20 sanity saver – we had someone local make them with blue frosting. S. cut out a ‘shark fin’ to add to the top and they were adorable!

Mikey's 1st Bday Party (63)

The kids had fun in the kiddie pool.

Mikey's 1st Bday Party (154)

And everyone had fun in the big pool!

And here’s one last picture of the cute birthday boy.

Mikey's 1st Bday Party (84)

Mike’s birthday party was a lot of fun for everyone!