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An Update

It’s Saturday right? Good grief what a week! Here’s all the details:

So I started my new job at Main Street Genome on Wednesday and it was a great day! I managed the commute in, but on the way home it took FOREVER. I had a bit of a meltdown, probably from being tired, overwhelmed and lost in DC (thank GPS. Thanks.). I pretty much had convinced myself that Mike would never know me because he would be asleep by the time I got home. And I didn’t want to be one of those mommas who work 12 hours a day and are content putting the baby to bed before catch the train back to the office. As always, that is fine for other mommas, but not me. S. talked me off the ledge (of course) and my commute times were much better the rest of the week. Plus, there is the idea that in a few weeks or so it won’t be every day. That, I can handle.

The team is great, and from what I gather no one discussed my wardrobe. Or if they did I didn’t hear about it. It’s very much a start up culture – jump in and get sh*t done. There’s a learning curve, but that’s to be expected. S. and I are figuring out the best organizational skills for us to be on top of things at home and he has been AH-MAZING this week picking up Mike from daycare, managing Charlie and getting as much done before I get home as possible. And doing it with a smile, which I always appreciate. We make a good team.

So … the diaper drive!

Guys, I am so humbled and touched by the outpouring of diapers, cash and notes. This idea sorta came out of nowhere, but the longer I look at the diapers stacked in my living room,the madder I get about the situation and the more fired up I get to do something. Especially every time I change Mike’s diaper. I can’t imagine ‘letting it dry out’ and putting it back on. I digress ….

As of today, I have 1252 diapers – almost half way to my goal! And if you count the $281 in donations I have, it might be safe to say I am more than half way there!! S. has been helping get the word out and Bruce Leshan from WUSA9 tweeted out the blog link and I got a few more hits. There is still more than a month to help me reach my goal of 3100 diapers by the end of March!

Dressing the 30 Year Old Me

Phew! What a busy few weeks. You might have picked up on the fact that I have a new job I am starting on Wednesday. I am really excited, but also scared crapless for a lot of reasons. Lemme back up.

So the job is at the start-up Main Street Genome. I am still figuring out the ‘elevator pitch’, but they use data to help keep Main Street businesses open and thriving. I am really passionate and interested in entrepreneurship and start-ups, so this job is right up my alley. AND I am working (and creating) the Client Success processes now that they are launching. It’s almost like the job was made for me.  It’s in the heart of DC, but it sounds like in a couple months I can telework, which would be awesome because I am more productive at home and it would save me an hour commute.

That said, it is going to be a HUGE adjustment. I’ve never started a job as a ‘mom’ and I am not sure what that looks like for me. Especially since Mike isn’t sleeping totally through the night and I will have to be functional during the day. I am so glad we have a great daycare provider who is happy to see Mike every day, but it just feels uncomfortable to me that I won’t get as much time with him. I am clearly the only one in this duo who will have a problem. It will just be difficult trying to figure it all out for a few weeks. Then I am confident it will all come together and we will have our schedule. For now I am enjoying the next 2 days at home with him.

The other challenge is how to dress for an office. The dress code is business casual and the times I have been in the office I’ve seen nice jeans and sweaters, maxi dresses and black pants and button down. It seems to be a young office, and I am having those high school flashbacks and irrational fears. In my head I imagine my new coworkers laughing at my skinny jeans when I turn my back. Dressing for 30 is hard! It’s a thin line between shopping at Talbots and Forever 21. Add in that I am plus size, losing weight and on a budget and it’s double frustrating.

I did pick up a few things – black skinny ‘jeans’, dark wash jeans, a few sweaters and some professional-ish shoes. I’ve never been a fashionista, but want to look somewhat put together.  Even if the classic sweater has some hidden spit up on the shoulder.

What do you suggest I pick up? 

Oh, and don’t worry. I have my ‘hide the grey and shape it up’ hair appointment tomorrow.


Five for Friday

Today I’m going to link up with ChristinaDarciApril, and Natasha for 5 on Friday to fill you in on my …

2014 resolutions

{Health} I’ve always been the big girl who struggled with food and such, and every year I make the same goal to get healthy. Now with a kiddo I am feeling more motivated than ever. I am dragging S. with me (but it is a bit of the other way around) and we are doing Atkins. I did it in high school (2000) to fit into a prom dress. It worked like a charm and now I am more focused and seeing how this lifestyle can work for us in the long run. Sugar is my drug, that’s been hard to break. I am not going to turn this blog into a weight loss journal, but don’t be surprised if I share my small victories.

{Focus} Speaking of focus, I have a pretty full plate and it wasn’t until recently I was really feeling pulled in different directions – work, kiddo, husband, etc, etc. So this year I am vowing to stop being my own worse enemy and focus on what I am doing when I am doing it. When Mike needs my attention during the day, work will stop. No more carrying to the laptop into the room while I am trying to put him down for a nap. I’m not curing cancer, work can wait 15 minutes. And when I am working (especially on days when Mike is at daycare) I am there. Personal email is closed, Facebook is not pinging with updates … this is a real challenge, but it’s time.

{Professional Comfort Zone} I’ve had more than one boss and coworker tell me over the years that I lack confidence in my professional abilities and I need to just trust my gut on things. I tend to put off tasks I am not sure about and  make me uncomfortable (calling people? Ugh!) as well as down playing my skill set. I need to work on that this year by drawing the line in the sand and promptly jumping over it.

{Blog Twice a Week} That should be easy enough, right?

{Learn a New Technology Skill} I work in the tech industry on the business development side and it’s an industry I am pretty clueless on (wait, and I downplaying my skill set?). I would love to do some research, take a class or read a book that will help me grow my technology experience. Any suggestions on which way to go? There seems to be so many options!


Abandoning Mike at Daycare

We survived our first week at daycare! Well, it was only 2 days, but regardless, we survived, and dare I say – thrive?

I was spending all day Tuesday obsessing over leaving him the next day with G. Would he wonder where I went? Will he feel abandoned? What if he cries the whole time? I secretly wanted to just coast by and toss him out of the car to avoid dealing with it, but alas – that is frowned upon.

So I took him, showed G. all his stuff, kissed him 3 times and walked out the door tear free. I got in the car and had this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I just left my child with someone who I would consider a stranger who the state says doesn’t keep sharp objects out, knows CPR and doesn’t have any complaints from parents.  I knew after that day it would get easier … I just had to get through the day.

It was a beautiful day, with terrible traffic. I rolled down my window and turned the radio up a bit. Then a bit more. Then even more. No baby, I can blare the radio like the old days! I pulled into the Walgreen’s parking lot and realized I didn’t have to schlep a 17lb baby in with me for a Diet Coke.

I got to the office and spent the majority of the day focused on work and meetings. Yes, I felt like I was missing a body part, and yes, I wondered what he was doing at that moment, but I resisted the urge to call. I didn’t want to interrupt his day, or G.’s day. I trust her, I really do.

I busted out of the office at 3PM like my ass was on fire. I missed my baby and wanted some snuggles. I may have ran a few red lights and hit a squirrel. I got to G’s house and he was having a fine time fiddling with G’s assistant’s hajab. I got a few smiles and learned he had a fabulous day watching the kids interacting and eating. He got what he needed and I got what I needed. I happily (okay, KIND of happily) dropped him off on Friday and so far, so good.

VP of Snuggles

The weeks have been flying and I haven’t had a minute to get my thoughts in order – Momma brain perhaps?

Guess what? I’m officially a working momma! Sometimes the stars just align and God’s ears hear the words from my mouth. Remember in March when I was laid off? Well, my boss and run in the same social circle so we’ve stayed in touch naturally. I told her I was holding out as long as possible for a position when they could afford to bring me back, and it happened just in time! She needed and Executive Assistant/Business Development person part time to start, then full time in a few months. Which is the perfect scenario for me. But wait, it gets better. Sonjara is a virtual company, so we all work from home and go into the office as needed and while I am home and in the office, Mike can come too! I am hoping that lasts a few weeks while he is still not mobile and his needs are pretty simple.  I am beyond blessed for this opportunity and thankful I waited for a company that shares my values and is family friendly.

Today was my first day back, and Mike – my VP of Snuggles – was a trooper. He slept,  ate, and played in his LulyBoo happily.  The funny thing is my Sister in Law has her last day of work tomorrow so she can be a stay at home mom – her dream.  When I heard that she was able to do that, I felt a twinge of jealousy and it took me awhile to figure out why. Then I realized, I wish that was my dream. I wish I had the desire to stay home and spend my day with Mike, but I just don’t.

Living in the DC Metro area, 2 incomes is very necessary, so it’s not an option for us. I admire mommas and dads who stay home with their babies and I also admire mommas and dads who go to the office everyday. I am not envious of how the ‘other half live’, maybe because I am with a company that understands work-life balance (suck it Yahoo!).

Mike’s 2 month appointment is next week – can you believe it?

Unemployed and Pregnant

Well friends – I got laid off on Friday. I had an inkling it was coming, but not as soon as it did. This is what happens when you work for a start-up that relies on an unreliable government.  I cried, I freaked out and ate pudding – multiple times over the weekend. Now that it’s Monday, I have to get my sh*t together and formulate a plan.

No lies, I’m mad. Not at my employer, or the CEO – but at the situation. I just started my third trimester, a time when I should be feeling for kicks and decorating the nursery and folding clothes, yet I am wondering how we long we are going to have to live on my savings. The odds of me finding a full time job for 2 months, then taking maternity leave is slim to none.  So I am looking for a part time, temporary office job.  Which may or may not happen in time.

And I’m mad I am going to spend my ‘maternity leave’ looking for full time jobs instead of adjusting to life as a mommy and bonding with my baby.  If I am not called back to my previous company (the best situation), I will need to move on to something else. I am lucky to be doing consulting work for a company part time, and that will help supplement what we will need to pull out of savings. And we have family that can help with things – they promise we won’t be naked, hungry, or living on the street.

It still sucks, and I’m still dealing with it. But in a few days I will probably be able to relax and focus on what I need to do to keep Mikey and myself healthy.