Are you a fan of the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite? I’ve had a wicked cold the past few days, and my lips are seriously suffering. I feel like every hour I am having the same conversation as Napoleon when he called his brother for chapstick. “My lips hurt real bad!”

There is nothing worse than being pregnant and sick. All the good drugs are off limits, so you are stuck with ones that don’t work well, or standing in a steamy bathroom blowing your nose every hour. However, I’ve had lots of time to read celebrity gossip magazines in said bathroom and I can’t stop thinking about Khloe Kardashian. And no, I am not a 14 year old boy.

With the whole Kim and Kanye baby situation, and Khloe being public about her struggle with infertility, I just feel so sad for her. And yet – proud of her for handling it the way she is. I can only imagine what Khloe is thinking. Probably that she is the only sister who is married and not a [total] fame-whore and yet, she isn’t getting pregnant. I hosted my Sister in Law’s baby shower this weekend and I briefly considered how I would feel if we were still trying and it was heartbreaking. I really hope she gets the baby she deserves soon, in the meantime, I am sure she will be a good sister.