I have a little time on my hands this morning, so I hop over to Facebook for a little catch up with my friends (who am I kidding, I’m on Facebook more often than not. Just. Like. You.).  Among the important status updates, I notice this one from one of my favorite blogs, Celebitchy:

Are you FREAKING kidding me? I mean honestly. You laughed? Labor was fun? There is a special place in hell for people like you. Here’s why:

  • I am calling bullshit. I’ve never delivered a baby, but I am pretty sure it’s not fun and doesn’t involve laughing.  And trust me, I’ve heard LOTS of birth stories – some good, some bad (all I never asked to hear), but never laughing. Never.
  • Why say things like this? It makes women who hated child birth and had a terrible experience feel terribly inadequate. Each birth is unique. Don’t make us feel bad.
  • You named your baby Rainbow Aurora. If I roll my eyes any harder they will stay that way.