Hello Love!

Happy 2016, you rang it in fast asleep in your crib, but it was exciting none the less. December was a big month for us with celebrating the holidays and building new traditions. You handled it like a pro, just going with the flow. The weather has also been super crazy, so we’ve taken advantage of the warmer days outside playing Hide and Seek. You are pretty good at finding us, but not so much at hiding. Thankfully!


{Hanukkah} You, my love, are a fan of candles. Each candle we lit for the 8 nights you wanted to sing Happy Birthday and blow them out. You were also very excited with the gelt Bubbe brought you.


{Christmas} Christmas was so much fun this year because you are really starting to understand things. You prayed each night (and still do) for ‘Seen-tah’ and presents. Your favorite gift wasn’t the balance bike like we thoughts, but the Melissa & Doug Latch Board Daddy picked out! You enjoyed taking ornaments off the tree and eating ‘can cans’ (candy canes). We did go see Lights on the Bay and you weren’t impressed – maybe next year!


{Talking} I can’t believe we thought you were having speech problems. You are a talking fool now! Daddy and I were just marveling over how we are having actual conversations now. Turns out you are quite opinionated – you like to tell us to ‘stop it’, ask for ‘ah ah juice’, have a ‘Minion bath’, and watch ‘Cat Boy’.

{Visiting Santa} We weren’t sure you were going to take to visiting Santa this year, but we headed out to Homestead Gardens anyway. We got in the LONG line and you spent your time watching the cool train set. As we got closer you got more and more excited. You tried to cut the line a few times too! When it was our turn you walked right up to Santa like he was your long lost Uncle.


{PJ Masks} You are a HUGE fan of ‘Cat Boy’, or as Disney calls it, PJ Masks. You sing parts of the theme song and can watch it over and over … and over. Daddy and I are a little disappointed there are only 5 episodes on demand – we are learning the dialog too. But your excitement is infectious and you call Daddy Cat Boy and me Gecko – leaving you to be Owlette.

{Halloween} That’s right – Halloween. You are obsessed with YouTube videos with Halloween themed, kid friendly songs. You walk around the house making ghosts noises and referring to yourself as a zombie or monster.

Well Bug, you are changing, literally, daily and it couldn’t be more fun. I love seeing your little personality become HUGE.  You fill my heart.

I’ll eat you up, I love you so,

Momma xoxo


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