Hello my little lovie!

2016 has already been an eventful year and we are only 2 months in! It seems like suddenly you are this short, funny, opinionated adult. I should put emphasis on OPINIONATED. It seems that Daddy and I wanted you to talk so badly that you took it to the next level and always have something to say. That’s not really a bad thing.


You are still very obsessed with the Minions. The good thing is they encourage you to eat bananas (but only out of the peel and perfectly yellow like your momma likes them), but the bad thing is Daddy and I are SO tired of the movies. Sometimes we try another movie, but we always default back to the Minions per your request.

Dinosaurs! You have taken to wearing your dino tail and feet again to stomp around the house. The other night when you were in the bathtub you asked me what was in the drain. I told you to look an you said dinosaurs. Through our conversation I found out we have three nice dinosaurs living in our drain. I think I am okay with that.

You are a pepperoni lover to the fullest. If we ask you what you want to eat 9 times out of 10 you say ‘onis’. I am sure it isn’t the healthiest option, but you counter that with ‘baby corncobs’, apple sauce and whatever well rounded meals you get at daycare. Thankfully. You never say no to Reese’s or lollipops either.

You have turned into quite a hoarder. Anytime you leave a room you have an armful of random things, we like to call your treasures or ‘deedurs’. Sometimes it’s kitchen utensils, sometimes it’s random papers from the table, sometimes it’s just toys. But they go everywhere and sometimes you even ask for a bucket. Needless to say we don’t bat an eye when we find a crab mallet in the bathroom cabinet.

We got to visit Pop-Pop for his birthday this year and you had so much fun. The cats weren’t thrilled with your visit, but you were so excited to be able to touch a real life ‘key a cat’.

We also went to the BWI Airport Observation Deck to shake out the sillies on weekend and you loved the whole airport experience. Every time someone came on the speaker to make an announcement you would say ‘uh oh’! You were also pretty disappointed when we couldn’t take home one of the model airplanes from the display.

This highlight of the last 2 months was the SNOW! We had almost 3 feet and got to spend some quality family time together. We bundled you up and you had a blast trying to run around and helping ‘shovel’. You were perfectly content playing inside as well – we watched movies, made cookies and didn’t spend much time wearing anything but PJs. You did go sledding out back for the first time and you LOVED it. I mean, LOVED it. From standing at the bottom I would see you with a flash of fear, then total joy.

I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xoxo

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