Remember when I was doing research on how many days, after finishing the Provera, when I would start my period? Well it was 2 days for me. Hooray! So then it was back to my Back Up Doctor’s notes.

Next … start Clomid and start peeing on the test strips.

When I picked up my meds a few weeks ago, I got the cheapest fertility kit and pregnancy kit. I get how to use the pregnancy kit … but the fertility kit confuses the heck out of me. I even had S look over my shoulder and he was confused. So, with his urging, it was back to CVS to get the digital kit. Um. This unborn (unconcieved?) baby is already expensive. $52.99 for a digital fertility kit!

So I pop Clomid for a few days, and on Saturday start peeing on the fertility stick. A smiley face means it’s time, no face means keep it in your pants.

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