Well, the little June Bug is almost 8 weeks old (or -32 weeks?) and has given me a pretty easy pregnancy so far. Granted, things could change in an instant, but I’ve had no morning sickness – just general nausea, which I can manage.

Being nauseous is a vicious circle. I am too queasy to eat, or decide what I want to eat, but eating makes me feel better. Truly no fun. What I do like to do, is talk about food. And dream about it.  Pinterest might be my biggest downfall. So many amazing delicious treats. When I think about my next meal, it is never just a ‘sandwich’. It’s a crispy BLT with the right amount of mayonnaise on a fresh potato roll (since we don’t have a flaky butter croissant).  And the food I do eat is the best.food.I’ve.ever.had.

My dreams have been a little wonky, I can only imagine what they mean. Teeth falling out in a staff meeting, finding a bathroom in a mega-church where my 3rd grade crush was getting married …

What are you having for lunch?