And by Friday, I mean Sunday. And by Sunday, I clearly meant Monday. Afternoon.

This past week has thrown me for a loop with everyone in the house having a cold and other stuff going on I am too tired to get into today. But I am feeling like it’s time for a post and instead of coming up with fresh, new content – I am going to link up with Joy for Friday Five.


My IPad 2 was running really slow recently so I did a factory reset and spent some time downloading my favorite apps again. It’s amazing how I rely on so much technology and I have a few apps I couldn’t imagine living without. Here’s 5 that made the list (today of course, it could all change tomorrow).

fav apps

{JellySplash} Is the Candy Crush craze over yet? I got stuck on a pretty high level and got bored, so I found Jelly Splash. Basically, you create a chain of same color jellies in a certain amount of moves to clear grey spaces, squash mushrooms and some other unrelated tasks. It’s the same idea of CCS, once you are out of lives you have to wait a few hours. This works well for me since I can get addicted pretty quickly. It’s a good mindless game to play at the end of the evening or while waiting for a phone call.


{Wordpress} I downloaded the WordPress app so I can approve comments on the go (side-note: comments and new followers make me VERY happy). I am surprised at how seamless the app is and how it basically does everything the site does. One time my Momma alerted me to a misspelling and I was able to log on, edit the post, and re-post before the world realized I can’t function without spell-check.

image (3)

{Bloglovin} Every night when we get into bed, I take some time to flip through the hundreds of blogs I follow. First I used Google Reader, then I went to Feedly and since I signed up with Bloglovin I’ve been using the app. It’s pretty basic which appeals to me and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a pretty user interface.

image (2)

{Etsy} I have realized pretty quick that I am a fan of ‘screen shopping’. Think window shopping, but on your computer, phone, tablet, etc. I was thrilled to find out Etsy has a fabulous app that makes it stupid easy to add items to my favorites list. I’ve also ordered a few things through the app with zero problems.

image (4)

{Overdrive} This app has come a long way, especially with speed. Overdrive connects you to your libraries e-books and audio books to download to either the Overdrive app, or Kindle. I am not sure the last time I set foot in a library and I am pretty sure it’s because I owe late fees at every library between Fairfax County and Sussex County Delaware. Plus, if you have moved a bunch, you can still hit up any library with any card you have.

image (1)

And one app for good measure. For any mommas – download anything by Fisher Price. Mike loves playing the shape game and watching the puppy dance. They are free!

What apps can you not live without?

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