This is a post I never thought I would write. Going through the weeks of shots and first trimester of waiting, I never thought the day would come when I was so tired of being pregnant. I knew it would be hard, but I would be so thankful through every process. I am having a hard time with my mind going back and forth with emotions now that we are down to the last 4 weeks of pregnancy.

Go Away:

Mikey – it is time. I know you need a few more weeks to cook, but Mommy is really tired of being pregnant. REALLY tired. Because I’m not sleeping so well, mainly because YOU aren’t sleeping well my little night owl. My feet look like Fred Flintstone’s and my back and tushie are screaming for a daily massage. While Daddy is so good at rubbing all my aches and pains – it would be a lot easier if I wasn’t carrying you around! I also miss sleeping in the same bed as your Daddy.  I am so ready to see your little face, perhaps my eyes with Daddy’s nose (he would be so sad for you if that’s the case) or my nose with Daddy’s lips! Will you sleep through the night like your cousin Mollie? Or be a night owl like you are now? A few more weeks and we’ll know for sure. It’s time to come out!

Oh Wait a Minute:

Well crap. When you arrive, which we are so looking forward too, I think I will be sad to not be pregnant anymore. No more knowing smiles from strangers or people asking me when I’m due and gushing over how ‘small’ I look for 4 weeks left. No more eating what I want, when I want (you are the perfect excuse!) and no more getting Daddy to rub my feet or pick up what I dropped.  But mostly, I think  I am going to miss our late night jam session. Me, wide awake, poking at you through my belly and you poking back. Or when I am sitting at my desk deep in thought and I get a quick jab reminding me that you are still there and I should probably shift. People look at non-pregnant people funny when they rub their belly – I should probably break that habit when you arrive. It’s been nice knowing you are always with me, safe and sound.

See what I mean? I want this kid out and in my arms, but I kinda like him in my belly and out of trouble.

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