Dearest Mols,

It’s 2 days before your first birthday and you have been on my mind more than usual my sweet girl. I am sure as you get older you are going to ask your Momma and Daddy about the day of your birth. Especially where they were in the hours leading up to your entrance into the world. I am in my thirties and still like to ask my Momma and Daddy (YOUR Grandma and Grandpa!) what they were doing when as my birthday approaches.

Where was I when I found out I was an Aunt for the first time? I was 7 months pregnant with your cousin Mike sitting on a hot bus on my way to New York City. I don’t remember too many of the details, but I DO remember getting texts from Grandma with a play by play (she was eagerly awaiting Momma’s okay to come meet you) and how badly I prayed for your Daddy to make it in time. You know how that turned out and depending on how old you are when you read this, use this to your advantage at every opportunity.  Another clear memory was getting a text with a picture of the prettiest baby girl I had ever seen. It took everything I had not to jump up and show every single bus rider your picture. Something changed in me … it was you!

It’s been quite a first year Miss Mollie. You are a ball of personality and have kept ALL of us on our toes. It’s been so much fun watching you hit your milestones and you give me a glimpse into what is in store for Mike. You are constantly going, going, going, doing, doing, doing, exploring, exploring, exploring. I keep thinking of that quote, ‘let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains.’

I wrote you a letter in January of 2013 before you were born and I happily reread it tonight. I was pretty spot on with you having your Momma’s stubborn streak and your Daddy’s spider legs. But you have your own special, unique personality. You are so excited about EVERYTHING and I already love that about you.

It’s given me such a full heart to see you with Mike. He looks at you with a curiosity and you look at him like you are ready to teach him the ways of the world because you are so much older and wiser. Of course.  He does have a few pounds on you already though, so I will give you an early warning.

Mollie Claire – I love you in a way only an Aunt could love a niece. It is too soon for me to take you the the American Girl store, but I promise I will. You made me an Aunt and I will always have your back, encourage you to take on new challenges and give you advice when you need it. But perhaps for now I will just blabber with you, change your diaper and make sure you are fed.


With a heart full of love on your birthday,

Aunt Jackie

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