Can I be real for a minute? I am going to write more on this later, but basically, women’s bodies are a bit on the gross side. Which leads me to my body with PCOS.

Ladies blessed with PCOS know the side effects – weigh gain, high testosterone, cysts, missing period … and facial hair. There I said it. Facial hair (PS – S. has no idea I have chin hairs. At least I hope not.). Thankfully birth control kept it to a minimum, but now that I off the pills, I am sporting a 5 o’clock shadow … and a noon shadow …. and a 9 o’clock in the effing morning shadow. 

Before, a simple morning glance would result 2-3 plucks, but now I could spend at least 20 minute plucking and searching. Remember Tim Allen in the Santa Clause? When he was in denile of being Santa, he woke up, had a huge, bushy white beard, shaved, walked away from the mirror, walked back and the big bushy beard again … that’s how I feel! Well, not as bad, but seriously.

Sometimes I have a hard enough time getting out of bed, now I have a reason. I would be mortified if anyone saw me with a full beard.

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