I took my last progesterone pill last night, and, as S said, ‘now what’? Well, according to the Back Up Doc who prescribed them and chicken scratched wrote directions on a scrap sheet of paper notepad while making me feel  like a moron competent, we wait.

Wait for what? Well, my period, which is the first indication things are going well.  Thanks to PCOS, among other symptoms, I don’t ovulate on my own. I guess this is preparing me for the BIG wait. Waiting for my period, seems so counter-intuitive for someone trying to get pregnant.  Add that to the list of things {most} married people don’t do.

And while I am waiting, I may take a nap. I am not sure if this is a side effect, normal PMS or just me, but I have this overwhelming desire to put my head on the conference room table. Just for a second.

We wait.

PS – Perhaps you want to know my other side effects? Terrible, horrible skin. Yes, I have roseaca, but holy pancakes. Dry lips, dry skin, zits, boils in hidden places …. file me under disgusting.

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