How is it already Wednesday? I try to post twice a week, but the past few days I have been consumed with our next adventure – moving! That’s right. We are heading out of Northern Virginia to Crofton Maryland. We will be closer to family, be able to afford a bigger rental and, well, not have to fight with Route 66 traffic which is slowly but surely stealing our souls.

We are really going to miss our apartment complex and the friends we have here, but at the end of the day, this is a great opportunity for us.  Now we just have to secure daycare, a dog walker, transfer medical files, register our car … and in my case, worry that this move will be discussed in Mike’s therapy sessions down the road. How we RIPPED him from the only home he knew. Of course, I moved when I was about his age and remember absolutely nothing, but what is being a mom without having some sort of guilt? Boring. That’s what.

So instead of writing about moving woes, I will instead share some pictures from our fall family shoot with Keri from Bows&Burlap Photography. She’s affordable and amazing – which says a whole lot in this area.

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  1. Great photos! Crofton has definitely grown since I lived there (heard they have a Wegmans and movie theater now), but I loved loving there. Traffic is still heavy, but much better than I66. I found the metro (New Carollton Station) versus driving New York Avenue is half a dozen or another. It really just depends if you work subsides parking. Mine did not, so it worked out the same to do either. I’ll be on the Shore Dec 22-28 if you are around.

    • Yes! A Wegmans, which I find SO overwhelming. But there are lots of new retail and restaurants in the area, so it will be somewhat what we are used to. Sam works in Arlington and I am in Alexandria, so he will drive through town and I will take the Beltway. Thankfully neither of us pays for parking, so it works out.

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