I got the pictures of Mike’s local birthday gathering last night that my friend Miranda took and she caught so many fun moments. I have a really photogenic kid. For the first time in a long, long time I looked at the shots of me and my internal conversation went like this:

Well that shirt does nothing for your arms and it’s a bad angle for a double chin, but damn I looked happy and Mike was clearly having a blast.


I’ve always been a bigger girl and struggled to keep my weight under control – I still do. I used to look at pictures and immediately hone in on the flaws, but no more. I am not going to be one of the mothers who hang behind the camera until they have lost the baby weight, covered their roots or changed out of the yoga pants.

I see pictures of my own Momma now and while she sees certain things, I see someone who is amazingly beautiful and perfect to me. She’s my mom. I see a moment captured that I will share with Mike and my future grand kids (God willing!). Those moments are important.

Everyone wants to take a good picture, but it’s not about me anymore and I get that. I won’t hide behind the camera – I don’t want to miss precious moments captured forever with Mike.


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