It’s funny how this blog has evolved from sharing my infertility story to my pregnancy story to my momma story. Yet as the years have gone by I’ve shared some funny moments, some product reviews and letters to Mikey, but not very much about me. Let’s face it. At the end of the day I am too tired to write about me, but that needs to change. Starting now.

So a few weeks ago I went to my OBGYN to talk about starting the process to have Weisman 2.0 (I need a better name). Since Mike was a Shady Grove baby, I figured the process would be about the same. This was my 3rd visit with this doctor and I was lukewarm. She took my blood pressure and it was high, very high, and has been for the last few months. She was pretty dismissive and said the next step is to lose weight, get the blood pressure under control and come back in 3 months. And since it was the day before Valentine’s Day she felt the need to end the appointment with, ‘and try to avoid all the Valentine’s candy’!


So, I made an appointment with my nurse practitioner who I adore to help me get it together. What I wanted was some immediate action items or goals. GYN left me with so many questions about diet and nutrition and as someone who already obsesses about food in one way or another, it wasn’t motivational. My NP really knew how to help, not only by putting me on a medication, but some goals:

Eliminating one thing each week from my diet (chocolate, fast food, dessert, whatever my ‘downfall’ is). The first two weeks I decided to scrap fast food.

Add 20 minutes of activity a day. Thanks to my FitBit, this should be easy to track.  It will most likely be walking and I am going to strive to do some water aerobics.

Write down what I eat. I’ve done this 1000 times before and it makes sense. How should I know how many calories I should be eating when I don’t know what I am currently eating? Spoiler alert, more than I should.

Drop 5lbs before my monthly follow up. I’m not going to share my weight here. And not because I am ashamed of it, but because it doesn’t matter. This isn’t about hitting a magic number, it’s about getting healthier, and that is tied to my weight, then that is the goal. I think 5lbs is totally manageable for the first month. That appointment was on the 23rd and I am already down 1.5 without making many changes just yet.

So that’s where I am now – where my focus is. And blogging more. But don’t worry, this isn’t going to morph into a ‘fat to fit’ or ‘weight loss journey’ or ‘transformation’ blog. You don’t need that and neither do I.

PS – that picture above was from this past weekend when the weather was unseasonably AMAZING and we took Mikey to a new playground. Normally I would throw on some sweatpants, tshirt and sports bra – but it is time I put on a real bra and actual clothes. It’s easy to look at that picture and see my wrinkly shirt or pasty legs, but instead I am remembering how much fun it was watching my boys interact, Mike go down the slide dozens of times laughing and what a great morning it was. #babysteps

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