Oh Mike –

I truly believe that when you were born, you took my brain with you. I would have sworn I wrote your 10 month letter, but alas, I must have been dreaming it or writing it in my head. Either way, you get a two for one this month. When you are a Daddy, you will understand.

I can’t believe we are planning your first birthday little guy! Daddy and I were watching videos of you the other night and I can’t even remember those long skinny legs and alien like noises you make. Now you have strong legs and a very VERY loud voice and many important things to say. We are convinced that when you are mumbling to yourself you are singing along with the ever present radio.  You could easily spend an hour turning a toy over and over, pushing it’s buttons, picking at it’s stickers and figuring out how it works. You’ve grown so much in so many ways over the past 2 months Bug.

{Haircut} We ushered in your 10 month birthday with your first haircut! I was a little sad, but when I found myself tucking your straight hair behind your ears, I had to agree with Dad – time for a haircut. You were amazing! We went to Cartoon Cuts and the minute the hairdresser handed you a toy it was obvious you could have sat there for an hour. Even when she hit you with the warm blow dryer ait. You were so good and everyone noticed!

first haircut

{Outside Fun} With the weather being so nice we’ve gone to the community playground quite often. You’ve had fun sitting in the swing and going down the slide with Dad. But your favorite part of the playground is climbing the steps and sneaking pieces of mulch to eat. You look SO grown up in your Washington Redskin’s ball cap. We also cleaned up the patio and you’ve been airing out with Charlie. You are very curious about the AstroTurf!



{Birthdays} Mollie turned 1 this month and you had such a fun time at her birthday party! It gave us a glimpse of what your first birthday will be like. Momma also had a birthday too! You got me my first Mom card and a picture frame with our favorite song ‘Three Little Birds’. Then Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Dave and Mollie came over and we went to the pool. It was exactly what I wanted.


{Bath time} Bath time is still one of your favorite times of the day. You are very interested in watching the water come out of the faucet and trying to bite the water stopper, which is conveniently attached to the tub, so you get a mouth of water every time – but that doesn’t stop you! Bath time isn’t over until we have to tell you at least once that ‘bath time is for bottoms’. It’s hard for you to sit still so it’s a lot of splashing.


{Easter} Your First Easter was so much fun! The Easter Bunny brought you refrigerator magnets, bath tub toys, a Llama Llama book and some snacks. You were very much spoiled by your Great Aunts and Grandparents. Maybe next year we will venture to visit the Easter Bunny.



{Sleeping} As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been doing sleep training with you and it truly is harder on us then it is on you. I know this because you are sleeping like a CHAMP! You average about 10-12 hours a night and you are much happier. This makes Momma and Dad happy too!


{First Trip to the ER} It isn’t a milestone I was looking forward to, but you got the nasty tummy bug that was going around and it started to make us really nervous, so we took you to the emergency room for some TLC. The nurses were so nice and you did really well considering you weren’t feeling well. They gave you some medicine and water and we headed home a few hours later.


Well sweet boy, I am planning your 1st birthday party – I can’t wait for a day when everyone celebrates you. This time last year I was SO tired of being pregnant and fat and swollen. Dad and I couldn’t wait to meet you. When people say you don’t remember life before a baby I used to roll my eyes. Now I know EXACTLY what they were talking about.

I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xo


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