Sweet Mike Mike –

I know, I am so very late with your letter – but things have been very crazy around our house lately. You won’t remember, and even if you did, you will only remember spending lots of time with Daddy and Miss Gita and getting lots of snuggles before bed from Momma.  I started my new job this month and you’ve been going to Miss Gita’s everyday and you are doing AMAZING! I’m not surprised, you are still so easy going. When I get the chance to pick you up you are always smiling and laughing with the other kids. I’m really proud of you but again, not at all surprised.  Also, do you realize at this point you’ve been out of my body as long as you’ve been in? I feel like I was pregnant forever and now time is flying.

mike daycare

{Standing} Kid, you don’t just pull yourself up, you pull yourself up and DANCE! You pull yourself up everything – the couch, your activity table, my shirt … and then you get that little bounce in your knees and wiggle in your tushie. Most the time there is no music, but like me, there is aways a song in your head. You’ve taken a few tumbles and every time you get back up. I hope that doesn’t change, but if you fall down when you are older, Dad and I will clap our hands and smile like we do now.

activity table

{Swimming} You successfully completed your first swim ‘class’! You really enjoyed the time in the pool with Dad. You even started putting your face in the water, even if it was to try to drink the water. We’ve gone to the pool a few times just the three of us and you’ve shown me first hand what you and Dad do every Sunday.  I think in a few years we will really need to keep an eye on you since you have no fear. I picture you jumping off the high dive long before I’m ready!


{Snow Baby} We had a few snow storms this month, but you didn’t seem to notice much except when we put you in your teddy bear snow suit and laughed at how damn adorable you were. Miss Gita’s and Daddy’s work were closed, so we spent the snow days hanging out, playing and taking long naps under warm blankets.

baby bear


{Food} You’ve certainly not been starving Mr. Mike and you’ve turned into quiet a beggar. When Daddy and I eat our dinner, you saddle right on up to the couch with an open mouth. You are pretty adventurous but prefer avocados and sometimes scrambled eggs. Honestly, you will try anything that comes off someone else’s plate on a big person’s utensil.  When stuck in your highchair, you munch on baby crackers, shredded cheese and fruit. We do try to convince you to eat some baby food and yogurt!

mike bean sprout


Well baby, there are things to do and you are sound asleep, so I need to take advantage of this time so when you are awake you get my full attention. Here’s to another amazing month of new adventures.

I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xxoo

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