One lesson my Momma taught me that has really stuck with me was this – just because I was having a bad day doesn’t mean everyone else should have to deal with it. Seriously, if you don’t learn any other life lesson, that is one that will get you through.

I remember telling her someone was mean or grumpy with me, and her response was always the same, “Maybe their underwear is too tight,” meaning maybe it isn’t all about me. Maybe they were having a bad day before they came in contact with me. But ultimately, it’s not my fault.

I have called customer service lines millions of times and sometimes, not all the time, I am met with someone who is having a bad day. Perhaps their underwear is on too tight. But guess what? Your mood should NOT dictate your manners. I don’t care if you are having a really bad day – either go be alone or mind your manners.

I am not perfect (spoiler alert) and sometimes need this reminder too, so I made a quick printable to hang in my office. I thought you guys might like it as well! It’s a simple reminder for kids AND adults.

Download it here! 

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