Love Bug –

What a busy fall you had! Our family ‘busy season’ usually starts with Daddy’s birthday at the end of September and this year it has been much of the same.

The biggest family news is my new job. I’ve had a few weeks to settle in and the best part is working so much closer to home and having a shorter commute. This has given me some extra time with you in the evenings which means a more relaxed, happy Momma. It’s also a job I really enjoy so that makes the whole family happy.  You came to visit shortly after I started and my coworkers (all 5 of them) thought you were sweet and adorable – I would have to agree.


{Talk} Everyone told us that when you started talking you wouldn’t stop and they were right. We have been working with Miss Lisa from the Infant and Toddler Program every few weeks and it was like a switch was flipped overnight. I love hearing your crackly little boy voice and your big eyes side glance when you are looking for the right word. It’s fun to have ‘conversations’ with you and hear your opinion on things like ‘Daddy’s bed’ and ‘Minion baff’.

{Urgent Care} You had your first urgent care trip! You went to the ER when you were much younger for dehydration, but this time was much scarier because it was a fall. You were FaceTiming with Grandpa and while showing him your fancy dance you got tangled up and fell into the corner of the bookshelf. Thankfully Dad and I were standing nearby and when I picked you up the bruise was already HUGE. Daddy was a quick thinker and off we went to urgent care. By the time we got there things were fine and you were fine, but we had concussion watch for 24 hours. You were not a fan of being woken up every hour that night!

{Halloween} Our new neighborhood goes all out for Halloween and after a few houses you were all in. I made you a dinosaur costume and you loved it! Daddy picked out your dino slippers and you still request to wear them around the house so you can ‘rawr’ at everyone, even Charlie.  Miss Rachel took you to the Halloween parade at the elementary school and reported that you loved seeing the costumes and the kids.
{Feeding Ducks} We took a walk the other day to the pond so you could feed the ducks.  They clearly are used to being fed and swam right up to the shoreline. You kept asking for ‘mo’ bread and throwing it at them instructing them loudly to ‘EAT IT’. It made Dad and me laugh so hard.
{Tent Naps} We put up your tent in the basement and you find such  great joy in running in and running out. You also are pretty insistent on Daddy and me coming in to go ‘nigh nigh’. You cover us up, pat your shoulders, then quickly wake us up by yelling ‘e-boo e-boo‘ (which we are still confused about).
{Favorite Books} You’ve become quite a little bookworm to my delight. Each night you get 2 books and sometimes you can talk us into more. You are able to identify letters (like M, I, K, E, O) and help read some of the words. Your current favorites are Everybody Poops (Ah, Ah Poop), Good Night Maryland (Nigh Nigh Mahlan), 10 Timid Ghosts (Ghosts), Tickle Monster and anything involving ABCs.
{Pumpkin Picking} We headed over to Queen Anne Farm and you had a blast running through the muddy pumpkin patch and watching the farm equipment. You picked out 3 HUGE pumpkins (since you pay by the pound of course) and were pretty obsessed with carrying one everywhere. Halloween was weeks ago and there is still a pumpkin in my car.

{Thanksgiving} Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa’s house is always a busy, fun, filling day and this year was no different. You had a blast running around with Pop-Pop and playing with Mollie. You were a trooper without a nap.

December is going to be even more fun my love!

I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xoxo

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