The trouble with having a blog, and having friends and family read it, means I worry a lot about the things I say offending people. Please know this is never my intention. Look, I hate meatloaf. But that doesn’t mean I judge people who DO like meatloaf (well, openly judge them. Meatloaf is gross). So please don’t take what I am going to say personally. Or anything I say for that matter.

This leads me into my biggest anxiety right now – my maternity pictures. First of all, I’ve always been a big girl, and now that I am pregnant and bigger, I am totally embracing it. But I hate the fact I have 2 baby belly bumps (which pregnancy forum boards refer to as a ‘B Belly’) and I don’t have that perfectly round baby bump. I know at the end of the day, I am growing a super little baby boy, but I am patiently looking forward to a ‘D Belly’ – if it ever appears.

I normally turn my B into a D with full panel pants and such, but I know it’s there, and now that we’ve scheduled our maternity picture session in 2 weeks, I am so worried I will just look like a fat girl having a photo sess with her huberoni.  I am so blessed to have the most amazing, talented, photographer, Laura Dye, who made me look amazing in our engagement and wedding photos. I’ve emailed her quite a few times with my insane rambling anxieties and she is doing a good job of keep me in check and ‘getting it’.

I also sent her a list of things that will not be happening during our maternity photo shoot:

  • Naked bellies – Obvi.
  • Naked husbands – Hey. Husbands have insecurities too!
  • Bows around the belly
  • Doing awkward poses in strange places – Showing the bump while laying on the back of a cow. Strange.
  • Flowing sheets – Hey! Let’s make the big girl feel even bigger! Plus, I tend to get tangled in my sheets in the middle of the night, so adding it into the photo shoot might be disastrous.
  • Lingerie – Unless it’s my big butt, to my belly button maternity panties. I would consider those.

I guess the easiest way to describe what I want is a couple’s photo shoot where I just happen to be pregnant. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!