I updated my Facebook status a few nights ago and pointed out that I was up at 2AM eating chocolate pudding and my friend from high school noted it sounded a lot like his college days. You know what? He’s right. Here’s how being pregnant is a lot like being in college:

Up all night: When I was in college, I had no problem staying up until 3AM to study, or more likely hit a DC bar or club. Why not? I could sleep until 2PM and be up and functional before my Communication Theory class. As a pregnant woman, I am up all night now again! But this time I am heading to the bathroom, adding to my Amazon wishlist, watching TVLand and worrying about having a baby in just a few short months.

Napping in the afternoon: After a night on the town during college, my roommate and I would cat nap or watch The Hills in the afternoon before gearing up for another night out. Nowadays, by 3PM I am so tired from not sleeping at night, and working I cat nap or watch Ellen. It’s a win!

Eating weird food: I was up eating pudding at 2AM this morning and it was glorious. And yes, I had egg drop soup for breakfast and crave MUG root beer (not Barqs or A&W – Mug Root Beer all the way). In college, we would run through the Wendy’s drive thru for french fries and Frostys for dipping at 2AM. And my roommate might have been known for eating Ramen noodles like they were about to be recalled.

Wearing yoga/PJ pants more often than not: I do own some maternity pants, and they are not fun or really comfortable. Working from home allows me to wear anything I want – so I do. I wear maternity yoga pants, or my bathrobe, or my PJ pants. While in college, I wasn’t as bad as some, but I did wear my Marymount sweatpants until they had a hole in the crotch. And maybe a few times afterwards with my knees closed. Did I mention Marymount is a fashion school?

Skipping events to watch TV: I mentioned watching TV or cat napping before right? I am usually so tired by 3PM, I try to bow out of anything social or work related after that time so I can stay in my jammies and watch Ellen or whatever I missed on prime time the night before. My roommate and I used to skip classes to watch The Hills or the Real World – I am totally dating myself here. And if the class was on a Thursday night once a week, it was a miracle we ever showed up (and frankly a miracle we graduated, sorry Mom).

Lots of whining: In college, I whined about everything – snow ruining weekend plans, cheeseburgers again in the cafeteria, the price of textbooks. Now that I am pregnant, I whine just as much. This time it’s about peeing all night, ugly maternity clothes and that annoying hip pain I get mid-afternoon. I’m sure I am just as fun to be around now as in college.

Gaining weight: At Marymount, the cafeteria helped me gain weight. Now my pudding cravings in the middle of the night and the growing boy are helping me. I won’t go into details.

Spending money you don’t have: Babies are expensive, that’s not a surprise. They need a crib, a car seat … even a stroller (what’s up with THAT?). Thanks to the economy, we aren’t exactly rolling in the big bucks. While our wallets are thicker than they were in college, they are still pretty lean. In college, I was silly enough to view credit as cash, so I was buying Gap  sweaters and TJMaxx purses I couldn’t afford. I’ve learned my lesson, and now shop consignment.

Worrying about your future: While I was enjoying the freedom of college life, I was also worrying about my future. Will I get a job (yes)? Will I have to move home (no)? Will I ever find love (yes)? Now I still worry, but about different things. Will I raise a serial killer (doubtful)? Will I ever be able to shave my legs without leaning over and groaning (probably)? Will I drop the baby on his head (probably … no, likely)?

You want what you can’t have: In college I wanted a lot of things I couldn’t have. Designer clothes, a new car, the usual. Now that I’m pregnant, I want food I can’t have. I am suddenly craving mimosas, cold cut subs and sushi. All things I wasn’t pressed about BEFORE getting pregnant!

Am I missing anything?

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