Last year I was humbled to deliver 8100 diapers (and thousands of wipes) to St. Martin’s Ministries in Ridgely Maryland. Those diapers went to Saint Martin’s House,  a transitional residence where homeless women and children can work towards self-sufficiency in a safe and stable environment.

St. Martin’s house opened 17 years ago  and has been home to more than 600 women and children. The average cost of housing residents in a one-year period is $55,000 and while they are staying there, they learn parenting, budgeting, and household management skills. They are also offered counseling services and assistance preparing for their  GED, enroll in college courses, and find employment and permanent housing.

I am happy to be able to serve such a vital organization where I grew up. This year we are going for 10,000 diapers and partnering with Choptank Transport. Find out more here, or to donate money visit my Go Fund Me page.


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