Wow, it’s been a long time since my last blog, and what a time it’s been! As I mentioned before, S. and I went to find out the sex of our baby and I was right! We’re having a boy! We had so much fun going to Infant See 4D, talk about fancy! It was done in a huge room with a big bed with fancy sheets, dim lights, candles and music. There was a HUGE projector screen and a long couch for my adoring fans. Or just S. We had 15 minutes with a very friendly tech who shared in our excitement. And Michael Alan left nothing to question. He … ahem … was very accommodating. And VERY active. It is the most surreal experience to SEE something inside of you moving around and kicking, but not feeling anything. I can’t wait for those moments.

We had to keep our mouth shut for a few days since Christmas was 3 days away and we wanted to do a fun reveal. If we had to wait any longer, my sister in law would have smothered me in my sleep. We had everyone pick blue or pink balloons and we blew them up at the same time. The blue ones blew up and the pink ones had pin holes, so they didn’t blow up. A lot of our family picked a boy, so it was pretty cool to see the excitement.

To be honest, this is all still very surreal. Maybe because I can’t feel him move around yet, or because I am just too tired to think about it. I’m just struggling to believe I am actually pregnant!

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