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Dear Mike: December 2015

Hello Love!

Happy 2016, you rang it in fast asleep in your crib, but it was exciting none the less. December was a big month for us with celebrating the holidays and building new traditions. You handled it like a pro, just going with the flow. The weather has also been super crazy, so we’ve taken advantage of the warmer days outside playing Hide and Seek. You are pretty good at finding us, but not so much at hiding. Thankfully!


{Hanukkah} You, my love, are a fan of candles. Each candle we lit for the 8 nights you wanted to sing Happy Birthday and blow them out. You were also very excited with the gelt Bubbe brought you.


{Christmas} Christmas was so much fun this year because you are really starting to understand things. You prayed each night (and still do) for ‘Seen-tah’ and presents. Your favorite gift wasn’t the balance bike like we thoughts, but the Melissa & Doug Latch Board Daddy picked out! You enjoyed taking ornaments off the tree and eating ‘can cans’ (candy canes). We did go see Lights on the Bay and you weren’t impressed – maybe next year!


{Talking} I can’t believe we thought you were having speech problems. You are a talking fool now! Daddy and I were just marveling over how we are having actual conversations now. Turns out you are quite opinionated – you like to tell us to ‘stop it’, ask for ‘ah ah juice’, have a ‘Minion bath’, and watch ‘Cat Boy’.

{Visiting Santa} We weren’t sure you were going to take to visiting Santa this year, but we headed out to Homestead Gardens anyway. We got in the LONG line and you spent your time watching the cool train set. As we got closer you got more and more excited. You tried to cut the line a few times too! When it was our turn you walked right up to Santa like he was your long lost Uncle.


{PJ Masks} You are a HUGE fan of ‘Cat Boy’, or as Disney calls it, PJ Masks. You sing parts of the theme song and can watch it over and over … and over. Daddy and I are a little disappointed there are only 5 episodes on demand – we are learning the dialog too. But your excitement is infectious and you call Daddy Cat Boy and me Gecko – leaving you to be Owlette.

{Halloween} That’s right – Halloween. You are obsessed with YouTube videos with Halloween themed, kid friendly songs. You walk around the house making ghosts noises and referring to yourself as a zombie or monster.

Well Bug, you are changing, literally, daily and it couldn’t be more fun. I love seeing your little personality become HUGE.  You fill my heart.

I’ll eat you up, I love you so,

Momma xoxo


October and November 2015

Love Bug –

What a busy fall you had! Our family ‘busy season’ usually starts with Daddy’s birthday at the end of September and this year it has been much of the same.

The biggest family news is my new job. I’ve had a few weeks to settle in and the best part is working so much closer to home and having a shorter commute. This has given me some extra time with you in the evenings which means a more relaxed, happy Momma. It’s also a job I really enjoy so that makes the whole family happy.  You came to visit shortly after I started and my coworkers (all 5 of them) thought you were sweet and adorable – I would have to agree.


{Talk} Everyone told us that when you started talking you wouldn’t stop and they were right. We have been working with Miss Lisa from the Infant and Toddler Program every few weeks and it was like a switch was flipped overnight. I love hearing your crackly little boy voice and your big eyes side glance when you are looking for the right word. It’s fun to have ‘conversations’ with you and hear your opinion on things like ‘Daddy’s bed’ and ‘Minion baff’.

{Urgent Care} You had your first urgent care trip! You went to the ER when you were much younger for dehydration, but this time was much scarier because it was a fall. You were FaceTiming with Grandpa and while showing him your fancy dance you got tangled up and fell into the corner of the bookshelf. Thankfully Dad and I were standing nearby and when I picked you up the bruise was already HUGE. Daddy was a quick thinker and off we went to urgent care. By the time we got there things were fine and you were fine, but we had concussion watch for 24 hours. You were not a fan of being woken up every hour that night!

{Halloween} Our new neighborhood goes all out for Halloween and after a few houses you were all in. I made you a dinosaur costume and you loved it! Daddy picked out your dino slippers and you still request to wear them around the house so you can ‘rawr’ at everyone, even Charlie.  Miss Rachel took you to the Halloween parade at the elementary school and reported that you loved seeing the costumes and the kids.
{Feeding Ducks} We took a walk the other day to the pond so you could feed the ducks.  They clearly are used to being fed and swam right up to the shoreline. You kept asking for ‘mo’ bread and throwing it at them instructing them loudly to ‘EAT IT’. It made Dad and me laugh so hard.
{Tent Naps} We put up your tent in the basement and you find such  great joy in running in and running out. You also are pretty insistent on Daddy and me coming in to go ‘nigh nigh’. You cover us up, pat your shoulders, then quickly wake us up by yelling ‘e-boo e-boo‘ (which we are still confused about).
{Favorite Books} You’ve become quite a little bookworm to my delight. Each night you get 2 books and sometimes you can talk us into more. You are able to identify letters (like M, I, K, E, O) and help read some of the words. Your current favorites are Everybody Poops (Ah, Ah Poop), Good Night Maryland (Nigh Nigh Mahlan), 10 Timid Ghosts (Ghosts), Tickle Monster and anything involving ABCs.
{Pumpkin Picking} We headed over to Queen Anne Farm and you had a blast running through the muddy pumpkin patch and watching the farm equipment. You picked out 3 HUGE pumpkins (since you pay by the pound of course) and were pretty obsessed with carrying one everywhere. Halloween was weeks ago and there is still a pumpkin in my car.

{Thanksgiving} Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa’s house is always a busy, fun, filling day and this year was no different. You had a blast running around with Pop-Pop and playing with Mollie. You were a trooper without a nap.

December is going to be even more fun my love!

I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xoxo

Dear Mike: Be Kind

My Dear Mikey –

Last year I posted a letter to you about September 11th and how Daddy and I hope that you grow up to be kind and see the good in the world. As an adult some days that is hard to do.

So many things are happening in the world right now that make my heart hurt. Some of these things are happening thousands of miles away but they are having a ripple effect and impacting our country. I hope you learn to realize that when people feel scared or threatened they don’t always make the best decisions, like remembering to be kind.

The one thing I am thankful for right now is that you are too young to ask the hard questions because I have no idea how I would answer you. I am actually asking a lot of hard questions myself and searching for the answer.

It’s times like these that Daddy and I want to remind you about the Principles of Unitarian Universalism. These are the ‘rules’ we are striving to raise you with. These principles represent what we believe and act as our moral compass.

I hope that when you are older and lose faith in the world or when everything seems confusing and chaotic, you find comfort in these principles and the strength to live these.


uu we believe kids


I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xoxo

Dear Mike: September 2015

Dear Mike –

Whoa, September blew by! I have to admit – this is my favorite month! The weather is cooler, it’s Grandma and Daddy’s birthday and it’s when Daddy and I got married. It was a pretty laid back month for you – just hanging out and being a toddler.


{Speech Therapy} Daddy and I decided to get some extra help with your speech. You were talking a lot, but it was really hard to make out what you were saying and you weren’t saying many sentences. Well kiddo, that has all changed. Miss Lisa has come over a few times and I am not sure you’ve stopped talking since! She thinks you are charming and catching on really quickly – but we knew that would be the case.

{Food} I am really worried about our grocery bill when you turn into a teenager. You are eating EVERYTHING in sight. I am pretty sure you ate 5 mandarin oranges today alone! I really like pudding (punning), macaroni (ma-nonie), chicken (shick-in) and anything that is on someone else’s plate.

{Playtime} Stickers are where it’s at kiddo. Bonus points if they are Minion stickers. You also are obsessed with cars – specifically the die cast cars from the grocery store. You always seem to find the Scion Xb and shout ‘Mommy car’ proudly. Also coloring and chalk are popular these days. OH! I can’t forget. You love to write your name. Well, spell it (over and over) while someone makes your hand write it.

{Books} Every night you get to read 2 books and it seems like we are back to Llama Llama Share (yamma yamma shay) or any book that has counting or the ABCs. You’ve been doing it for awhile, but you really like when we pause and you fill in the word.

Well my love bug, October is already turning out to be amazing.

I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xoxo

Dear Mike: Summer 2015

My dear, sweet two year old –

I hope that when you read this letter you will understand how important the 12-4-1 Diaper Drive is in our lives and understand why you didn’t get a June (or July, or August for that matter) letter. It’s so hard to keep up sometimes because you are literally changing overnight. It seems daily you do something, your Dad and I give each other a ‘look’ and instantly deem you amazing.

{You Turned 2!} We had a great time celebrating your second birthday at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, which we turned in Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse. We had all your favorite foods – cupcakes, hot dogs and Goldfish. You had a grand time running through the sprinkler with your friends, especially Mollie. Your favorite part was singing Happy Birthday to yourself. In fact, we’ve pretty much sung happy birthday to a pretend cake and blowing out the candles. birthday

{Beach Days} Daddy spent a lot of time at the beach growing up and we were eager to get you there as well! We started small by going to Sandy Point State Park on the Chesapeake Bay. You were a little hesitant about the sand and getting in the water, but before long you were sitting in the ‘surf’ and throwing sand. We went back a few more times and each time you were more and more excited. I have to admit, your favorite part of the beach is the snacks!


{Books} You got your first library card for Anne Arundel County and not a moment too soon – you are reading up a storm! Each night you get at least two books and it’s a struggle to convince you that it’s time for bed. Your favorites are Go Digger Go (because Daddy does the sounds and beat boxes), Llama Llama, Chesapeake 1, 2, 3 and Chesapeake A, B, C. I love that you love books.


{Vacation} Daycare was closed for two weeks so Miss Rachel could have a much deserved break so we decided to take a mini-vacation to the beach! We stayed with Aunt Phyllis and Bubbe which meant you got to sleep in bed with Mommy and Daddy and chase Mellie the cat around yelling ‘me-oh, me-oh’. We went to swim in the bay and the cove we settled on was shallow enough for you to walk in the water which you thought was cool. You also explored the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach and the highlight was playing enough skee-ball to win a toy car.


{Baseball Game} For Father’s Day you got Dad tickets to a Bowie Baysox game. We weren’t sure how you would like it so we prepared for a quick exit. I must say – you LOVED it!  You happily sat in Mom’s seat and patiently waited for the next time you could cheer. And while you were waiting you chowed down on hot dogs. It was a really fun experience and next year we are planning on taking you more often AND getting you your own seat.


You had a great summer Bug. It was so much fun for me to see you grow and show Daddy and me how independent you are becoming – like climbing a ladder at the playground, wanting to water the flowers and have a little more unsupervised time. It’s hard to let you do those things, but each and every time you prove you CAN do it and if you stumble, you shake it off and keep on keeping on.


I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma, xoxo

Happy 2nd Birthday Mike!

My sweet Bug –

I’m sitting at my desk on this rainy day looking at your pictures on my desk from the last month or so – you watching the snow while Charlie watches your cracker, you wearing your White Rabbit costume at Miranda’s birthday party and you just being you at the BWI Airplane park. Looking at these photos reminds me of a few lyrics from Marcus Foster’s song ‘You My Love’:

It’s true, my love, so kind are your eyes,
I see them in the darkest skies.
If it’s true, my love, I’ve got to see the way
I’ll love you till my dying day.

I can’t help but feel a little bittersweet about your 2nd birthday tomorrow. I know Daddy feels the same. We miss have a little baby to snuggle, but now we have a big boy to snuggle! And you are the snuggliest. You love to bury yourself between Daddy and me in the bed and pull up the covers demanding ‘sea-goo’ time. Sometimes you even grab our arm and drape it over you. If you catch Daddy and I hugging, you run right up and want in on that action. You are truly our little love bug.


This has been an exciting year for you! Right before your first birthday last year we were watching and waiting for you to take your first steps unassisted. Now you are climbing on chairs, maneuvering up stairs and fearlessly walking back down. I won’t even mention chasing you as you squeal with glee.

You’ve gone through some other changes as well. We made the big move from Centreville, Virginia to Crofton, Maryland in January for a variety of reasons and none that we regret. The main reason was to be closer to family and this has proven to be so beneficial. Your Bubbe, Grandma and Grandpa have visited often and we have seen Mollie a lot. Daddy and I are thrilled you will be growing up closer to the family that is so important to us.

With the move came a new daycare. It was obvious by day 2 that I worried myself sick about nothing. You have flourished there, learning new things and making friends. You give me a hug, go to Miss Rachel and immediately you are waving, saying ‘au revoir’ and blowing kisses. If you do cry it is once in a blue moon and probably only for my benefit.

Oh my love, you do have your moments like we all do. You have mastered the ‘lay down on the floor and fake cry’ quite well, but it never lasts long and you are always quick to come find us so we can move on with our day. You can’t keep up the grumpiness for long, I don’t think it’s in your nature!

Mikey, as you turn two my biggest wish for you is to know how much you are cherished and adored. You are growing into quite a kind, easy going, and hilarious kid.  These are all things your Daddy and I dreamed about while watching you roll around in my tummy.

I’ll eat you up I love you so.

Momma, xoxo


My Sweet Boy –

Yes, I have neglected to write you a letter the past few months. However, your birthday is right around the corner so I have a whole year to review. But I wanted to capture yesterday and your need to sea-goo (snuggle).

Yesterday was the day that Mommas (and Daddys!) live for. From the minute you woke up to the minute you got in your crib you just wanted to be close to someone. And guess what? I was able to give you that.

When you try to say ‘snuggle’, it comes out as ‘sea-goo’ and usually involves a blanket. Yesterday when everyone got home, you were happily playing with your car in the living room while I watched from the futon. I stood up to make dinner and you said ‘sea-goo’ and pointed to the futon. When I didn’t comply right away, I realized that this wasn’t a request — it was a demand. Daddy happily took over dinner so I could lay on the futon while you played next to me.

Our after bath routine is pretty standard and includs snuggling between Daddy and me while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You were very content with us all under the covers. And when bedtime came, you picked out a book (the first time in months you showed an interest in reading) and hopped right in my lap and sat through the whole story.

Sweetie, sometimes we all need to sea-goo and I hope, even as a big boy, you always feel like Daddy or I will sea-goo with you when you need it. Sometimes I even sea-goo with Grandma! You and I both got what we needed yesterday and that makes me a happy Momma.


I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xoxo

Mike: February 2015

My Mike-a-roni:

As I am typing this my head is singing Do You Want to Build a Snowman from your current obsession, Frozen. You randomly said to Daddy a few weeks ago ‘let it go’ (or so it seemed) so I started playing the song from Frozen. Apparently you have seen the movie before and now it is all you want to do. You call it ‘Go’. It’s pretty cute, but has caused some meltdowns. I am sure in March I will be so sick of the songs I will want to scream, but for now I love how your face lights up and you gasp when the movie comes on. It’s worth it kid.


It’s been a pretty quiet month, we’ve just focused on getting settled in Maryland and the weather was no so pleasant. We are eagerly awaiting spring for when we can venture outside and check out the playgrounds.

You’ve been quite the happy helper these days! You love your ‘boom’ (broom) and walk around with it sweeping invisible (or not so invisible) dirt. You help us throw away trash, empty the dishwasher and the dryer. I love seeing you follow directions! I know it won’t last, but for now, we are using it to our advantage.

You’ve taken a liking the Buddha. I happened to have a few small statues from my trips to China because Grandpa likes the Laughing Buddha and you point and say ‘boo-doe’. You even take the big one and rub his belly! It’s so cute to see you walking around carrying your Boo-Doe statues.

You are becoming such a little boy my love. Daddy and I are so enjoying seeing things through your eyes. Everyday is literally like Christmas morning – what excitement will happen?

I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xoxo


Mike: January 2015

My sweet, sweet Mike-a-roni –

I can’t believe it is already February! January was a whirlwind of packing, moving, adjusting and unpacking. You – my sweet boy – were SUCH a trooper. Your Daddy and I still marvel at how you only had a few moments when you had some frustration the past month. You would quickly hit us then go in for a hug. It was a crazy month.


{Moving} You had a rough night before our official moving day so you got to snuggle in bed with Momma. Then the next morning you hung out with Grandma, Miss Joyce, Aunt Ray Ray and Mollie while the movers did their thing. You even went to Chick-Fil-A! You had a grand time running around in the basement before all the furniture came in.

{Food} I keep joking that we need to start socking money away for groceries so we can afford to feed you in high school. If it isn’t nailed down, you are eating it. This includes french fries, chicken tenders, apple slices, applesauce (in the pouch, which you daintily hold in the corners), Mickey Mouse cheese snacks, Annie’s fruit snacks, crackers (ga-gas) and pasta. So much pasta.

{Daycare} You started your French Immersion daycare mid-month and it was harder for Momma and Daddy than for you. You did cry, but Miss Rachel said you stopped pretty quickly. Now that you are a few weeks in you attempt to jump out of your carseat, ring the doorbell and wave ‘au revoir’ to me. Miss Rachel was very impressed with how quickly you adapted and how much you eat (see above).

{TV} It’s not my proudest moment, but you’ve watched a lot of TV while everyone is packing and unpacking. You are obsessed with Chuggington (“Choo Choo”), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Curious George (“Jew”). You enthusiastically ‘sing’ along when you know the right words. Or the wrong words. Whatever – you are my child.

{This and That}

You are best friends with the ceiling fans (“Fay”), you point them out, get very upset when they are not on and wave bye bye to them when we leave the room.

You have discovered wheels. You have a bunch of Matchbox cars and you love zooming them around over Mount Momma or Daddy. Everything is ‘Tuck’. And oddly enough, they all say ‘choo-choo’. Perhaps we will work on the difference between a truck and a train. One thing at a time though.

Well sweet pea, the theme of February will be fun, unpacking and finding our groove. It will certainly not be a problem for you Mr. Go With the Flow.

I’ll eat you up I love you so,

Momma xoxo