If you are just tuning in, I am taking part in the DC Ladies Blogtober so I can talk about some more creative things. What is it about fall that makes me creative, but lazy? Your guess is as good as mine. Moving on …


{WRITE FOR YOU} When I started Muddling Momma, I blogged just for me. It was cathartic and gave me an outlet as I started the process of getting pregnant. I didn’t write for anyone else, so there was no pressure to meet word counts, worry about the ‘right’ thing to say or censor my words. If other people read my blog, then that’s great, but I am not choosing topics based on what I think other people want to read all the time. I don’t think strangers care for a second about my monthly posts about Mike. Those are for me and my family – and that’s okay.

{GET HELP – FOR WHATEVER} I can write and I know just enough about technology to muddle through things, but when I was ready to take my blog to the next level with a dedicated domain, I reached out to my friend Ashley from Radiant IT Consulting. She handled a lot of the background stuff I didn’t have time for. Ya know, some things are worth paying for.

{KEEP EXPECTATIONS IN CHECK} I see article all the time about how to make money blogging. Sure, big time bloggers might be making cash, but figuring that out, finding sponsorship opportunities and navigating affiliate links take time and time is money. If you are starting a blog to make money, you will probably fail (how’s that for girl power). If readers see you are pimping all sorts of random sponsored posts, you will lose credibility. If your blog is based around cooking, there is no reason you should be reviewing tires.

{READ OTHER BLOGS} My Feedly is well stocked with all kinds of blogs because I love reading blogs and I get some awesome ideas. Like Blogtober! I read DC Ladies and saw this concept, so I jumped in. I also get ideas for topics to cover and opportunities.

{JUST WRITE} Even when nothing is going on just write. You are writing for yourself right? So why does it matter if you are just doing a weekend recap.

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  1. Awe, you are the sweetest with the shout-out. It was my pleasure to help you out with your site. It’s always a pleasure with such a great client! 😉


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