Happy Monday! I would be more excited about autumn, but apparently the DC Metro area will be reaching 80 degrees tomorrow. No wonder everyone in my house is sniffling, sneezing and coughing.

So the DC Ladies wanna know … what’s my best tip to help me with organizing my blog. This one is pretty easy because I LOVE anything to do with organizing and productivity. I am sure some of the bigger blogs have editorial calendars and such, but not this gal. I try to keep up with once a week and when the mood strikes. So my favorite way to organize things is with Gmail.

I always have some type of technology within reach so I jot my blog ideas, sentence fragments and ‘things to remember’ in a draft email. So when I am feeling the urge to write, I just pull from my draft email folder and put my notes into prose.


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  1. I have never tried Gmail before for this! I love it! I usually have gmail-compatible devices around me at all times, but my WordPress apps aren’t as effective so this might be a great way for me to make drafts on the go. Thanks for the wonderful tip, Jackie!

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