When I was planning our wedding, I had a visceral reaction to all things ‘wedding industry’ – including websites that rhyme with The Snot and ShmeddingMannel. I couldn’t buy into the fairy tale, already done wedding. And just like with getting pregnant, the resources for people like me were far and few between.


One site I visited religiously was Offbeat Bride. It was amazingly well written and featured all things non-traditional that people had done before. I loved the whole ‘own-your-wedding-make-it-what-you-want’ attitude. Thankfully for me, April, the founder of the blog found out she was pregnant while I was honeymooning and Offbeat Mama was born! And what was the first post I stumbled on? The No Acronyms Rule. Thank you, thank you! Of course, it is a lot of post-pregnancy stuff, but also a lot of Q&A about what mamas with they did differently and experiences I can use.  I look forward to being an Offbeat Mama.


In baby makin’ news, it’s my 3rd night of Prometrium (which is supposed to make Aunt Flow … I mean my period … start). So far, just mood swing (sh*t, what if this is just me off birth control) and really painful boobs. Like I can’t lay on my stomach painful.


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