Oye. I finally looked into our infertility benefits with S’s insurance and found out they cover …. nothing. The consultation. That’s it. And since we live in the great state of Virginia, there are no laws that make infertility coverage mandatory.  Next call this morning was to Shady Grove Fertility Center where we will go if this round of Clomid is unsuccessful. Bad, bad move. But in a good way. Here’s the breakdown:

Consultation: covered, but if not, $300 – $350

Prescreen: not covered, $1500 – $1800

IUI: not covered, $1200 – $2200

At this point I was holding back tears and my new BFF at SGFC had to talk me off the ledge. She was so amazingly kind and understanding. And she did Clomid too and understood I am a weird weird person right now. She also told me about their financing (hey, let’s rent to own a baby!) and a few payment plans.

I am feeling so hopeless right now – money is super tight as it is, we don’t have $5000 sitting around.  I know, it will be okay, something will work. I just don’t know how to stay calm and stress free right now – which is apparently super important to getting knocked up.

Anyone have connections with MTV? I would love to get one of those adorable babies those teenagers are popping out in meth houses.

Tomorrow will be better.

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