How far along?  6 weeks (and 2 days if you care about the details)

Size of baby: 1 chocolate sprinkle
Total weight gain/measurements: unsure right now

Maternity clothes: Nothing really yet, but I am still really bloated. I have an event tomorrow, so I am considering if I should just wear my maternity dress pants (thanks mom!). I have been so blessed with good friends and family who have hooked me up with some maternity clothes. I am kinda excited about wearing them!
Sleep: Last week I said I was tired, but I had no freaking idea. I am sleeping well at night (thanks to Unisom), but by  3pm all I want to do is lay down. Not really nap, but just lay down.
Best moment this week: We had our ultrasound today and got to see the heartbeat! It was ah-mazing.
Miss anything? Nah.
Movement: Still got a ways to go.
Food cravings: Nah. But I am oddly obsessed with food. I laid down yesterday and apparently fell asleep because I dreamed of all this amazing food at R.’s baby shower. And I am talking about food a lot. A LOT.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing specific.  Life I guess. I am pretty queasy all day.
Symptoms: fatigue, mild cramps, bloat, constipation, A LOT moody (just ask S.)