How far along? 8 weeks (and 5 days if you care about the details)
Size of baby: A big old Raspberry
Total weight gain/measurements: +1.7lbs and holding strong

Sleep: Poor S. has been banished to the couch while I am snore like a truck driver. I even wake myself up sometimes!

Best moment this week: So many! We had our first OB appointment and really liked the doctor and the office. We had an ultrasound and our baby looks more like a gummy bear then a blob.

Miss anything? Sleeping!

Food cravings: Nah. I’m too queasy to eat a good meal. I hope Thanksgiving brings a change!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing specific. Last night was my first throw up and I’ve felt barfy all day. Sexy.

Symptoms: fatigue, crying jags, short patience, big boobs.