I am taking a page out of my friend Kelly’s blog (make sure you check out Miss. MP) and do a little digging about how people actually FIND my blog using search terms. I have to admit, it is pretty funny. Here are my top 5 favorite search terms that led people, maybe you, to my blog. Sadly, none of those terms include the words ‘awesome’, ‘coolest person in the world’ or ‘who should I give $1M to’.

1. Letter to my Niece – Yep! I wrote a letter to my (then future) niece, Mollie. I made promises to her like telling stories about her parents and trips to the American Girl Store.

2. how to make sure u get pregnant with voodoo – This is my FAVORITE search term someone used. Did I get pregnant with voo-doo? Maybe!  I would like to think all the stuff I did contributed to the bun in the oven.

3. cheng zi yeng wan reviews – I want to just say, please, please don’t use Chinese herbs you bought online to help you get pregnant.

4. my big pregnant butt – I have no idea why this led someone to my blog, but I hope it took them to my blog post about maternity underwear.

5. stupid face hugh jackman – well because why not? I wonder if it led the searcher to my blog because I mentioned Hugh Jackman in once when discussing infertility and celebs.  I did not mention his stupid face.

How did you find me? Perhaps Googling Stupid Face Hugh Jackman?

1 comment on “Where Did You Come From?”

  1. Those are pretty funny. I can’t judge what people search, lord knows I’ve googled some strange things in my lifetime.

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