The minute I go public with my blog, I fall off the face of the earth. At least it seems that way! We’ve officially moved into our new apartment and working our way through the boxes. I am already loving the extra space and visualizing where baby toys will go and where we will do feedings and tummy time. It’s a fun vision!

I am officially in the 2nd trimester! I am now eating like a normal person, but way more tired than before. These days I’ve likened taking a shower to running a marathon. It doesn’t help that I work from home and I can get away with dirty hair for a day.

I had to stock up on some more maternity clothes, it seems nothing fits, especially pants. I put on my ‘regular’ pants the other day and attempted the belly band and it was down right humorous. I couldn’t even zip the zipper enough to hide my polka dotted panties.

I could write a list a mile long about things that are making me cry. Mostly the thought that my baby will go to college and leave me one day, the Carters commercial with the little kid talking and how being pregnant isn’t always fun and we were morons for thinking this was a good idea. I am lucky S. is so understanding. I would have laughed in my face.

We find out the sex of this little peach (it’s the size of a peach this week!) on the 22nd and I am planning a gender reveal on Christmas when our families are there. I hope I can keep my mouth shut for those days 🙂