Well hello friends! Yes, it’s been a hot minute since I blogged, but I’ve thought about it often and that should count for something. The thing is, we decided to move … 2 buildings over. We. Are. Morons. But … this is a much bigger layout, so I can have a dedicated office space and a huge room for the baby. I told S. there is no way we are moving again for a few years. Thankfully we are in agreement on this!

Changing subjects – let’s talk about what I hate, more than anything, right now. I hate when I tell people I am pregnant and I get a response like this:

  • “Better rest now, you will never sleep again. EVER.”
  • “Oh wow, wait until you hit the terrible twos!”
  • “I was in labor for 569 hours and his head was the size of a basketball!”

Guess what. I know all about sleep deprivation, that raising a kid is hard and labor isn’t fun. What is with women sharing horror stories? Can’t someone tell me how wonderful and rewarding raising a kid is? How things will be hard, but it’s worth it?  I will never, ever tell a pregnant woman the negative part of all of this … unless they ask 😉