A pregnant friend of mine asked me yesterday what they REALLY needed to put on their baby registry. I thought I would suggest a few things, but as I got to remembering and listing what I thought she REALLY needed, my list got pretty long. I did warn her, everyone has a different ‘must have’ list. I remember asking my Facebook friends the same question and for everyone who SWORE I needed a wipe warmer the same number told me they aren’t necessary. Regardless, we registered for EVERYTHING and exchanged a lot (that’s a good point, check out the store’s return policy before you register!). Also, we had quite a few things we never used or figured out were more trouble than they were worth *cough*bottle sterilizer*cough*.

After much thinking I put together my list of what I would consider ‘registry must haves’.

registry must haves


{Video Monitor} S. came home from his Daddy class swearing we had to get one of these, and I, of course, poo-poo’ed it. We have a small apartment, video monitors aren’t cheap, yadda yadda yadda. However, I let him talk me into getting one and we got a great deal on a Summer Infant Safe Sight™ Digital Video Monitor on eBay. Since Mike has been sleeping in his crib, that monitor is a lifesaver. Mike is a loud sleeper, often ‘singing’ himself to sleep and we are able to assess whether we need to go in because he is awake or ignore him because he is dreaming. Also, if you are going to sleep train – a video monitor is essential. I do recommend our model, but there are plenty to chose from. 

{Crib Soother} We used the  Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother because we had a few other toys from that line and the music was the most tolerable. It was great when he was littler and the ocean noise was calming. Now that he is older, he has a different rumbly white noise app at night, but when he wakes up he LOVES pushing the buttons to turn the glowing light and sound on an off. It also has a night light feature for when it’s time for late night diaper changes. We had a mobile, but we had to constantly crank wind it up and eventually Mike got to pulling himself up and practically swinging from it. Really any white noise ‘thing’ is a necessity in my book.

{A Comfy Rocker} Ah, everyone has an opinion about rockers. A few of my friends said they never used their’s, but other people said they lived in their rocker. I fell in love with a $400 microfiber recliner rocker, but who in their right mind would gift us a $400 rocker? I am not even sure we spent that much on our dining room set. However, we did get some cash and gift cards from family, used a 20% coupon AND bought the floor model leaving us with $56 out of pocket. I won’t spend $400, but I sure will spend $56! Turns out we fell into the second camp – we use the heck out of that rocker. If you think you are going to use your’s – invest in something comfortable. I used a glider when we visited my parent’s and my butt hurt for a few days.

{Same Bottles} We thought it would be smart to register for a variety of bottles so we could find one Mike liked. Wrong. Mike liked them all and each had different parts and nipples. That wouldn’t have been a problem, but while we were at the hospital, my Mom thought it would be helpful to wash the bottles (it was, trust me!) so we weren’t sure which parts went to which bottles. The only way we figured it out was to Google why a certain brand leaked to find out it took a ring or a special nipple we thought went to ANOTHER model. I would suggest registering for ONE kind of bottle and an easy kind. We stuck with EvenFlo Bebeks and Avent Free Naturals. Both had nothing extra or fancy and had distinct nipples. This also needs to be categorized under things no one told me.

{Space Saving Glider Vibrating Chair} We got this a little too late, but not late enough to realize it’s importance. We had a second hand vibrating chair as well as a swing that Mike enjoyed, but living in a small apartment having two rather large items took up space. We happened upon a good deal on a Graco Glider XL and it made so much sense. First of all, it swings, plays music and vibrates, so takes two things and combines it into one. I also liked that it sat up pretty high so I wasn’t constantly leaning down to maneuver Mike in and out. I am all for multi-purpose gear!

Again, these are what I would consider ‘must haves’ from our experience. You might talk to someone else who had a swing their little one hated. It’s always a good idea to borrow or buy second hand to test out something before making an investment.

What do YOU recommend adding to a baby registry? 

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