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Stay Silly

One day you will stop asking me to lay down with you for no reason but to talk about Batman and make silly faces.

I am thankful that wasn’t today.

stay silly

Nomo FOMOing

It usually happens around Wednesday evening. That dreaded question. What do we have going on this weekend? As a working mom, my weekends are considered a sacred time for being with S. and Mike and making memories. When it’s cold, we usually defer to the mall play area. When it’s warm, we end up at the local playground. But there is always something tickling the back of my mind. FOMO. The ‘fear of missing out’. It isn’t until Monday when I see on Facebook all the festivals, grand openings, free play events that we missed. How do these parents know what’s going on? Am I missing the newsletter? Did I not get the ‘things to do with a toddler’ website when Mike was born?

real hair wigs 

I decided to stop FOMO’ing and figure this out. I asked these well connected people where they get their weekend plans and now I am sharing with YOU so you can stop FOMO’ing, make memories, try something new AND have akid that take a nap on the weekend.

{Red Tricycle} S. loves the Red Tricycle emails! They have a bunch of cities, so he subscribes to the Washington DC email. They have a great event listings page. I feel like the featured events are very art-centric and that’s not a bad thing.

{Housewives of Frederick County} I consider the lovely ladies of HOFC to be among the blogging elite. While their event listings are more Frederick County focused (and free!), they blog about lots of stuff.  I really like the DIY section.

{Macaroni Kid} Like Red Tricycle, Macaroni Kid is a national site, but local areas are ‘run’ by local parent publishers. Our local publisher is very active in lots of groups and sends out a weekly event email. I really consider her a local ‘expert’ and have found some fun stuff for us to do on weekends.

{EventBrite} EventBrite is not just for kids! Anyone can sell tickets through EventBrite, so it isn’t focused on world tours or high dollar events. Think Girls Night Out, local expos and networking events. The cool thing is you can search your zip code, then narrow it down to type, price and date. It’s a great resource for planning a date night or finding a new group that has your interest.

{Moms with Tots} A great resource from another Maryland Blogger friend who posts ‘week of’ events. She also has the option to submit events, so there is a wide variety from exhibits to open play at local gyms.

{Local Facebook Group} Though this is last, this is where I recommend you start. I joined a ‘Moms of’ group on Facebook and these ladies are a wealth of knowledge. They all get different information from different places on local events and then are happy to share it with the group. Just search Facebook for your area.

Here’s to no mo fomo’ing!

Girls in White Dresses: BCPL Challenge

My goal for this year is to read 16 books so when someone shared the Baltimore County Public Library 2016 Reading Challenge I thought it would add a twist my reading goal and help me branch out a bit.  I tend to read what would be classified as ‘literary fiction’ and shy away from ‘science fiction’ or ‘fantasy’. And no. I have not read Harry Potter. I just can’t.

Here’s what the BCPL Challenge looks like:


I am a huge fan of BookBub so I have a lot of really random books in my Kindle collection. I decided to start there and tackle ‘a book with a color in the title’ which led me to Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close. I decided not to read the summary and had no idea what I was in store for. I finished it yesterday and if you ask me if I liked it, I would probably take a long pause and say ‘I’m not real sure’. Which seems to be pretty common based on the reviews.


Girls in White Dresses follows a group of girls navigate life post college. Each ‘chapter’ is its own little mini-story from a different girls point of view. They suffer through bridal showers, drunken nights, boyfriends who are weird, boyfriends who are not weird, job loss and the general post college ‘what the hell is going on with my life’ moments.

I felt like I was watching an episode of Girls (which I gave up on after the first season). The characters were so … dramatic and immature most the time. I didn’t find them relatable because once I graduated college, I met S. a few months later and didn’t have the ‘never find a husband’ thoughts. And I lived in the suburbs in a world before Tinder. I didn’t keep in touch with many people from college, so perhaps I was missing that ‘everyone is progressing and I am still figuring it out’ mentality.

And the boys! In this book they were all so different, and I hated all but one of them. It was almost like the girls were trying to live this Sex and the City lifestyle and it came across as desperate and high school-esque.  If the guy is strange (like eating a box of macaroni and cheese out of a pot strange), just break up with him. Everything didn’t have to be so damn dramatic and difficult.  Of course, my parents might say otherwise. 

“Breakups are tough,” Isabella said. “But you got through it!” “I’m glad you’re over him,” Shannon said. “Now you need to go find another asshole to fuck with your head.”

There were some funny stories about family dynamics – Moms that used funny expressions and sisters who meddled. And my favorite story was about a boyfriend who was obsessed with politics and left his job to go on the campaign trail with ‘The Candidate’ (who was obviously Obama).

So all in all, it wasn’t a horrible book – but it’s the kind of book I will see in a few months, buy it because it looks good and forget I already read it until chapter 3. Borrow it from the library friends. Don’t buy it.

Peety Fecks

Dear Fourteen Year Old Jackie –


I thought you should know – this morning your 2 year old son randomly pointed to the freckles on your chest and said ‘pretty’. Stop covering them up – they are pretty and so are you.


Old and Wiser You


A Winner or Five!

Guess what? You get TWO posts from me today! I am excited to announce the winners of a free Sago Mini download:

Cheryl B

Libby B

Kimberly M

Jennifer N

Caitlyn P

I’ll be emailing you ladies this morning with your download code. I can’t wait to hear how your kiddos like the game!

The Soundtrack to My Life

While driving into work today I was listening to my iPod and heard ‘Sincerely Me’ by New Found Glory. I was instantly transported back to the 9:30 Club in (probably) 2004. Something Corporate opened for NFG and they pushed an upright piano on the teeny tiny stage to play I Woke Up in a Car. I was instantly enamored. I can still see the stage from my spot on the balcony.


Some people have scents that take them back to a moment in time, but for me it’s always been music. If I had a set list for my life so far it, it would be these songs:


Walk Like an Egyptian (The Bangles): One of my earliest memories is doing the Egyptian walk around the couch with my Momma when she put the record on.


Papa Don’t Preach (Madonna): I LOVED this song in elementary school and knew all the words. I used to listen to it on the boombox in the garage and sing along. It was about 8 years ago when I figured out what it was about.


Let That Pony Run (Pam Tillis): Mike, if you are reading this, CDs are the mirrored things that you can find in antique stores. They play music! My first CD player was a Christmas gift in 1992 and the first CD I played was Homeward Looking Angel by Pam Tillis. Let That Pony Run was soulful, sad and spoke to life as an adult. Everything a 9 year old country music fan wanted.


Friends in Low Places (Garth Brooks): I was 13 at my first concert was Garth Brook’s Red Strokes Tour at the US Air Arena. My Mom and I had the best time ever.


All I Ask of You (Phantom of the Opera): My grandma was a big fan of opera music and usually had the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack playing in the kitchen. Since then I’ve seen it on stage 3 times and it always makes me smile.


Peace Be Still: Many of my summers were spent at Camp Mardela in Denton, Maryland. Sometimes as a camper, mostly as a camp counselor, a few times as kitchen help. One song I still love and still repeat to myself in moments of high stress is Peace Be Still. Short, calming and meaningful.


Shit Town (Live): Really any song by Live will do. I was trying to be an ‘affected’ teenager which I probably succeed to some extent. But I used to put my Live CD in and crank it up. I am sure I drove my parents insane, but I don’t remember them saying anything. Shit Town was a favorite of mine because, well, it had a cuss word. I was such a bad ass.


No Scrubs (TLC): I enjoyed my last two years of high school, but the first two will remain unmentioned. So many good songs and artists in the late 90s! I remember warm days driving around with friends singing along to girl group TLC proclaiming our desire for No Scrubs. This song would have more useful in college.


I Hope You Dance (Leanne Womack): As Senior Class President in high school I had to ‘steer’ my classmates towards the perfect graduation song. Thankfully I Hope You Dance beat out Free Bird by just a few votes.


Sincerely Me (New Found Glory): As mentioned earlier, college brought a lot of mall punk with New Found Glory being a favorite. I have seen them live about a dozen times. I even have one of their releases on vinyl (still sealed!) and a signed CD when I met them at Tower Records.


East Coast Anthem (Good Charlotte): If you grew up in Maryland in the late 90s and went to the WHFStival (which is very likely), you had to love Good Charlotte – the local ‘punk band’ who went mainstream. We all knew East Coast Anthem because, well, on the east coast we ride until the day we die.


Damn Right, Rebel Proud (Hank III): I was trying to be a cool sister and decided to take my then sixteen year old brother and his best friend to Rams Head in Baltimore to see Hank William’s Great Grandson. That sentence alone should say a lot. I mean, we like Hank, so why wouldn’t we enjoy his legacy? Well. I should have listen to his music first. I wouldn’t let those two out of my sight and I might have told them not to mention the details to parental units.


Try (Nelly Furtado): In 2004 I was ending a long relationship and even though it was my decision, it wasn’t easy after three years. It is definitely a great breakup, pick yourself back up song.


Drops of Jupiter (Train): S. was a big Train fan before I met him and even though I knew their hits, I grew to really love their b-sides. We even saw them in concert a few times.


Better Together (Jack Johnson): S. and I took finding our first dance song VERY seriously and tried out a few before settling on Better Together. The lyrics were perfect and didn’t require dance lessons.


Shake it Out (Florence and the Machine): I’ve mentioned this song on the blog before, but it became popular as we were going through fertility treatments. I used to listen to it on the way to Shady Grove to have my follicles counted and cry.


50 Ways to Say Goodbye (Train): When I was having my C-Section, S. and I had to laugh because the radio in the operation room was playing one of Train’s current hits. Perhaps not the ideal song for a baby to hear as they enter the world, but it was perfect for us.


Three Little Birds (Bob Marley): I lamented about how I didn’t know many lullaby, but when Three Little Birds came on Pandora one night, Mike really responded. Now it’s ‘our’ song and he still loves it.


Don’t Worry Child (Swedish House Mafia): Being laid off was really tough emotionally and financially. There were a lot of unknowns, but I the Swedish House Mafia reminded me that heaven has a plan and I shouldn’t worry. A quick aside – I always pictured this band playing in an Ikea.


What would be on your life playlist so far?


A Little Christmas Q&A

I follow Heather over at Desperately Seeking Sanity and she did a fun little Christmas ‘survey’ and since I am struggling a little with the holiday spirit, I thought I would play along. I hope you will too!

1. What do you love most about Christmas time?

Presents. Just kidding. Well, sort of. I love giving presents. The hunt for the perfect, thoughtful gift that will really make someone I care about happy. I also really love all the traditions I grew up with and now the traditions that are coming around now that Mike is here.

2. Do you celebrate the holiday in style or is it bah-humbug for you?

I’m not totally sure what constitutes ‘in style’, but let’s go with that! We’ve had out decorations up for quite awhile and I love, love, love the glow of all the lights. I wish I could leave them up year round and not be considered redneck. Garland in June? Come on Martha Stewart. Make it work.

3. Are you leaving anything out for Santa this year so he remembers to leave you presents?

Yes. Preferably something of the boozy variety.

4. What is the gift you’re most excited about GIVING? (It can be to your kids, another family member, etc – remember to be discreet if they read your blog.)

Since this is Mike’s first Christmas, all his gifts are exciting! Since we are an ‘interfaith’ family, we celebrated Hanukkah which was early this year. We got him a bouncy center and he ADORES it. So we were really excited about that.  I am a little excited for S’s jammies which we are exchanging on Christmas Eve (like my family always did!)


5. What is your all time favorite Christmas movie?

Almost anything on Lifetime. Or ABC Family. I remember watching The Christmas Toy on VHS that my Momma taped one year, probably in the late 80s, and watching all the dated commercials year after year. Thankfully I found it on DVD this year! I also love Snowglobe and Dear Santa. Cheesy, festive and fun.

6. What is your all time favorite Christmas song?

Oh good question. I am not a huge Christmas music fan. I would have to say … now that I think about it, I have a few. Who Would Imagine (a King) by Whitney Houston, I Won’t Be Home For Christmas by Blink 182 (because I know the words) and anything on the Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Christmas album.


7. If given the opportunity, would you participate in an “Ugly Sweater Party” and what would sweater would you wear? (Peruse one of the internet or even in your own closet and show us!)

I don’t have ANY ugly sweaters! At least I don’t think so. I would probably wear this one because I could wear it again:


8. Have you started any Christmas traditions this year that you plan on carrying forward?

This is our first year celebrating Christmas as a family for 3 (and a dog). We are carrying on the Christmas Eve jammies, opening gifts in the morning and having a dated beagle ornament and a family ornament. Our first Christmas as a married couple, we went to Bull Run Festival of Lights and so far we’ve  kept that up.

9. It’s Christmas morning….what does it look like outside where you live?

Mid Atlantic weather! VA stinks. Never a white Christmas. It could be 70 degrees, or 10. Sunny or cloudy.

10. You just found yourself standing under the mistletoe….who comes up to give you a kiss first?

The dog since he is usually hovering 🙂 And then S!

So there you have it…

How about you? Consider yourself tagged. And if you play along, come back here and let me know so that I can be sure to check it out!

Joys of a Captive Audence

So one of my favorite bloggers (who just had a bebe!) posted a survey on her blog, and I thought it would a fun way to capture me and give me something to focus on instead of my effed up eggs. PS – today, so far, is going much better than yesterday.

10 favorite musical artists (this is hard, I wish it was songs):

  1. New Found Glory
  2. Adele
  3. Train/Pat Monahan
  4. Mumford and Sons
  5. That chick from the Voice – Lindsey Pavao
  6. Taylor Swift
  7. Drake
  8. Garth Brooks
  9. The Cure
  10. Kelly Clarkson


9 things in your purse:

  1. Eos lip balm
  2. Wallet
  3. Griot pens
  4. stylus pen
  5. iPad
  6. iPod Touch
  7. envelope of coupons
  8. rouge eyeliner
  9. hair ties


8 places you want to visit:

  1. Tuscany
  2. Barcelona
  3. Austin, TX
  4. San Deigo, CA
  5. Toronto, Canada
  6. Berlin, Germany (again!)
  7. NYC
  8. Washington DC (my own town tourist style)


7 movies you love:

  1. Newsies
  2. Brown Sugar
  3. Penelope
  4. Serendipity
  5. Finding Nemo
  6. SLC Punk
  7. Home movies


6 favorite hobbies:

  1. Scentsy
  2. Reading
  3. Decorating (DIY style)
  4. Organizing
  5. Volunteerism
  6. Napping. That’s a hobby right?


5 favorite fruits/vegetables:

  1. Passion Fruit
  2. Spinach
  3. Corn on the Cob
  4. Sliced apples
  5. Cucumbers


4 favorite colors to wear:

  1. Blues
  2. Coral
  3. Black
  4. Grey


3 things that stress you out:

  1. The feeling that time is passing too quickly
  2. My body
  3. Monday


2 things you say too much:

  1. “I know right”
  2. “yes”


1 favorite dessert:

  1. Aunt C’s Cherry Cheesecake