Huggies Wipes to Save the Day!

We are patiently waiting for the day when Mikey is out of diapers, but one thing we will keep in our home until the day we are too senile to ask our great grandkids to restock them is baby wipes.  I don’t claim to be a label snob, but since Mikey was born, we use ONLY Huggies ® One & Done ® and here’s why:

Triple clean technology – It sounds fancy, but these babies are THICK. So you don’t need to worry about ickies touching your hand, whether it’s from cleaning up a spill or the *ahem* traditional use for baby wipes.

Smell – While I love the baby powder smell, I am always happily surprised by the sweet smell of cucumber and green tea.

Convenient – I never thought I would ever be saying this, but one of my pet peeves is when I pull out a wipe and instead of just one, I pull out half the pack. I need to be able to tug, snap and have in my hand exactly one wipe. Huggies ® One & Done ® meets this need every time.

I also love Huggies wipes because they did this:

PicMonkey Collage

Our little artist managed to get dry erase marker all over the throw pillows. After a few swipes with Huggies ® One & Done ® wipes the evidence was gone! Playtime should be fun right? Imagine all the places you could need Huggies wipes to get out stains – the office, the car, the garage, even your purse!

Check out Walmart’s video “101 Uses of Huggies Wipes” and let me know if they missed anything!


1183 Days

Hey you guys? 

We have 14,200 diapers. FOURTEEN THOUSAND AND TWO HUNDRED diapers. To put in perspective, if we were supporting 1 baby, these diapers would last for 1183 days or until he is 3 years old. So basically, that’s enough to keep one kid in diapers until he is potty trained.

I am literally stumbling trying to find words. A few weeks ago I was having a hard time imagining that the goal of 10,000 diapers would happen but we saw that goal and kept on moving.

There is still one week before we drop these diapers to St. Martin’s Barn, so there is more time to donate. And really until diapers are considered necessary and provided by safety net organizations, our job is not done. But for now, we have done something HUGE.

Thank you for donating, thank you for your support, thank you for sharing updates, links, articles and suggestions. Thank you for seeing the need, thank you for standing up for the cause online.

Thank you. 14200

The Unofficial Count

A lot of people are on pins and needles asking for a diaper count and since we are in the last two days – I thought I would indulge. Can I get a drum roll ‘pees’ (as Mike says)?

Diaper early total


But wait! There is one more day left. Think we can get it to 14,000? I do!

The quickest option is to send an Amazon gift card to Or use your credit card at GoFundMe.

I honestly am speechless. Stay tuned!

One Week Left

There is one week left to make a difference in a babies health and well-being. I don’t have an accurate count yet, but I know I am really, really close. Whether I have 35 diapers (I personally have tossed into the donation bin) or 10,000 diapers I know we’ve made a difference.

A lot of conversations have been had, diapers donated, dollar bills deposited and personal stories shared. Let’s keep the momentum going for the last few days shall we?


Want me to do the heavy lifting?

With thanks


Half Way There

Cloth Diapers and the Diaper Gap

When I talk to people about the diaper gap, so basically anyone who makes eye contact with me, the conversation naturally turns to cloth diapering. I agree – cloth diapering is a great alternative, but in practice it isn’t an option for those struggling to supply diapers. Here’s why:

  • They require an initial investment. I have always used disposables, so I did some searching and found out that Trent Hamm at the Simple Dollar did the math for me by enlisting Carrie from the Dangerous Crayon. Here’s her results:

Year 1, Cloth – $930.08
Year 1, Disposables – $858.83

Year 2, Cloth – $1154.63
Year 2, Disposables – $1354.25

  • Most daycare centers don’t allow cloth diapers. Which makes total sense.
  • Not everyone has access to a washer/dryer and some laundromats don’t allow washing cloth diapers in their machines for sanitary reasons. Also, while you sit at the laundromat there is a child to think about – entertain them or find a sitter.
  • There’s the time factor – regardless of income or situation, time is a critical consideration for any parent. Some parents are working multiple jobs, or have to travel to launder the diapers and there often just isn’t enough time.

There are quite a few cloth diaper banks based on my quick Google search, but right now the practical solution is to help provide diapers to low income families to quickly solve their immediate need. To help out, visit my Go Fund Me page or the 12 4 1 Diaper Drive page.


Saint Martin’s Ministries

Last year I was humbled to deliver 8100 diapers (and thousands of wipes) to St. Martin’s Ministries in Ridgely Maryland. Those diapers went to Saint Martin’s House,  a transitional residence where homeless women and children can work towards self-sufficiency in a safe and stable environment.

St. Martin’s house opened 17 years ago  and has been home to more than 600 women and children. The average cost of housing residents in a one-year period is $55,000 and while they are staying there, they learn parenting, budgeting, and household management skills. They are also offered counseling services and assistance preparing for their  GED, enroll in college courses, and find employment and permanent housing.

I am happy to be able to serve such a vital organization where I grew up. This year we are going for 10,000 diapers and partnering with Choptank Transport. Find out more here, or to donate money visit my Go Fund Me page.


First 5K

Running? There is nowhere I need to be that quickly.


If I am running, you better run too because something is chasing me.


I am too overweight to run.


I’ll run, run to Dunkin Donuts real quick in my car.


What do you THINK about when you run? It seems so boring.


“Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father
Run for your children, for your sisters and brothers
Leave all your love and your longing behind
You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive … “


You never know when you might want to try something that at one time seemed so ridiculous. Thanks for hosting my first virtual 5K Fit, Fab and Lean!