My Sweet Buggy –

Of course, this letter is a little late, but we are busy packing to move to our new house! Eight was a very exciting year for you. Daddy and I truly think you have come into your own this year. You are such a funny kid and your comedic timing is PERFECT!

{School} You are not a huge fan of school, you say your favorite class is lunch, but really it is Social Studies. You finished out 3rd grade with all As and Bs. Even more importantly was how everyone spoke of you. Your teachers, principal, and your friend’s parents all say how funny, kind, and polite you are. We value that much more than grades.

{Talents} This year you tried a few new things. You did a six-week session of archery and did REALLY well! It was really fun to watch you do a sport I know nothing about. You also have been taking piano lessons with Mr. Ari. I wouldn’t have thought to suggest the piano, but you have taken to it like a fish to water. Mr. Ari says you have a great sense of beat and a solid memory for keys.

{Adventures} We ventured out a bit more since COVID has died down. You’ve been showing an interest in World War II, specifically D-Day. So we headed to the Smithsonian to find out more. We had our annual Ocean City beach vacation which was a lot of fun. You really liked how our apartment had ‘lighthouse stairs’ (which terrified dad and me because Hannah was very interested in them as well). You played in the water, hung out, and meandered the boardwalk with us. More recently, Grandma and Grandpa rented an AirBnB for us and your cousins so we could kick off the summer at Hershey Park. We aren’t really amusement park people, but you enjoyed the kiddie wave pool with Hannah and the lazy river with Dad. You had a great long weekend running around with your cousins and watching the train out front go by.

{COVID Life} COVID is far from over, but getting much, MUCH better thanks to vaccines. You bravely got BOTH of your shots and said you barely felt it. We were so proud of you. We are still playing it safe, but you’ve taken it in stride.

{Hannah} You are still, and I am sure always will be, your sister’s BFF. She thinks you are hilarious and does everything you do and you are loving it. We can always count on you to keep a watchful eye on her and make sure she has a snack and bubba. You’re an amazing big brother.

{Growing Up} You are spending more and more time in your room, on your iPad, playing with Nerf guns, and generally hanging out. I am seeing peeks of you as a teenager. We coax you out as much as possible to watch TV and hang out with us, but we know how important your space is.

Baby Bug – it’s a big year for you. We are moving to a new house a few miles away, but you will have a new school. new routine, and new friends. Despite your anxiety, we know you will do amazing.

I love you so, so much. And I am loving the human you are becoming. Keep asking questions, keep trying new things, and keep being kind.

Love always,

Momma, xoxo